Vetus Thruster Aluminum Anodes

Mil-Spec Aluminum Anodes for the Vetus Thrusters

  • For use in all types of water:  Salt, Brackish and Fresh.
  • More active than zinc.
  • Self-cleaning performance.
Highly recommended as an alternative to zinc anodes for Vetus thrusters, especially those that operate in brackish or fresh water.

Part Number Variations: BP-1126, BP1126, SET0149, BP-1001, BP1001, CAM BP1126, 70-BP1126, CAM-BP1126, BP-1185, BP1185, SET0150, BP-1040, BP1040, CAM BP1185, 70-BP1185, CAM-BP1185, BP-1210, BP1210, SET0152, BP-1052, BP1052, CAM BP1210, 70-BP1210, CAM-BP1210, BP-1221, BP1221, SET0148, CAM BP1221, 70-BP1221, CAM-BP1221, BP-129, BP129, SET0153, CAM BP129, 70-BP129, CAM-BP129, BP-195, BP195, SET0151, CAM BP195, 70-BP195, CAM-BP195