Hull Aluminum Anodes – Weld-On

  • More active than zinc
  • Self-cleaning performance
For use in all types of water:  salt, brackish and freshwater.  Highly recommended as an alternative to zinc anodes.

Part Number Variations: AZSS, AZ-3, AZ3, CMZ03SA, ASS-5, ASS-5A, AZ-3A, CMZ03AA, AZHS-23, AZHS23, AZ-2, AZ2, AHC-10, AHC10, CMZ02SA, AHS-10, AHS10, AZ-4A, AZ4A, AZ-4-A, CMZ04AA, ATS-2, ATS2, ATS-2A, ATS2A, CMZTSSA, CMZTSAA

Weld On