Rudder / Trim Tab Aluminum Anodes – Two-Piece

Aluminum anodes are the best choice for vessels that operate between salt, brackish, and fresh water.

  • Two-piece, pancake-style aluminum anode for rudders and trim tabs.
    • A stainless steel nut is pressed into one piece.
    • A stainless steel socket cap screw (allen head) connects the two halves together.

Part Number Variations: R-1A, R-2A, R-3A, R-4A, R-5A, R1A, R2A, R3A, R4A, R-1AL, R-2AL, R-3AL, R-4AL, R-5AL, R1AL, R2AL, R3AL, R4AL, R5AL, R-7A, R-7AL, R7A, R7AL, CMR01AL, CMR02AL, CMR03AL, CMR04AL, CMR05AL, CMR01A, CMR02A, CMR03A, CMR04A, CMR05A, CMR07A, BNT-1AL, T-20A, T20A, T20AL, CMT20A, TEC-20AL, T-21A, T21A, T21AL, CMT21A, TEC-21AL, M-24A, M24A, CMM24A, TEC-24AL, R1875A, R2813A, R3750A, R5000A, R6500A, RH1875A, RH2813A, RH3750A, RH5000A, RH6500A