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We have many thousands of over 100,000 customers and just love hearing back from them.  Here are someThe Gold Standard of Customer Service recent comments.


Updated:  May 2024

Unmatched customer service and knowledge.  The man T was able to answer any questions - super friendly.  My boats from New Zealand and they had what I needed.  I’d give this company 10 stars out of 5.  Awesome people - wouldn’t recommend anyone else.  Honest review.  I’ll buy zincs for life off them.  Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.
--Freedom, BC Canada

The experience of dealing with your company could not have been better!  Thank you.
-- Bud

You guys have the best customer service and communication.  Thank you again!

Wow, not sure where to leave a comment but thank you for the SUPER FAST shipping.  I purchased a few aluminum anodes for my aluminum boat, they seem to be good soft sacaficial quality.  Thanks again. And I definitely will be purchasing from you again.
-- Jon

Year after year you folks continue to do an excellent job!  Thank you!
-- Roger W.

Good Morning, Once again an astounding job with filling and delivering my order to my home in Northern Vermont.  My wife and I ordered on our way back up to Vermont from Gloucester Wednesday afternoon and UPS delivered the zincs to my back door LESS than 24 hours later at no extra cost to us.  The BEST and thank you very much.
-- Mike and Tonya

I received my order yesterday!  Great customer service and very pleased with the zincs.
-- Joe

I have a brand new yacht that was consuming anodes in less than two months.  I read many on-line forums for information, and even had 'experts' visit my boat to diagnose my problem.  I ordered the Corrosion Reference Electrode with Users Guide from and quickly determined that the boat's galvanic isolator was wired incorrectly.  If you have marine corrosion issues I highly recommend purchasing the Corrosion Reference Electrode from  The user's manual provides a four-step test procedure for getting to the bottom of a vessel's corrosion issues.  The user's guide is authored by Bob Olsen who holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.  Finally, be very careful of advice from on-line forums; there is a lot of incorrect information floating around out there.
-- Jim, FL

Jim, thanks for your comments.  We love customers that use The Scientific Method to help solve their marine corrosion problems.

You guys saved the day for me!  You are awesome.  The anodes got here at noon and we launched at 3!  Thank you!
-- Jim

It's been a truly great experience doing business with you.  I ordered zincs for my Vetus bow thruster and they were shipped the same day.  I received them just 3 days later here on far side of the country.  Pricing was 1/3rd of what a local supplier wanted, and your telephone follow-up was an unexpected level of customer care.  I've already recommended your store to others, and will continue to do so.
-- Paul H., WA

Great prices, great service and quality parts.  I installed the anodes this evening.   I’ve told all the fellow boaters at the office about your site.
-- Jonathan

Glad I found you guys!  Everything was quick, great packaging and better than expected.  The prices were great much better than others who say “no one beats us”.  The shipping was VERY reasonable and was not marked up.  Think how heavy zincs are, and I received them on a Saturday!  All new screws, including a prop screw which I did not expect.  The T-handle hex wrench set was definitely worth it.  The options you offer and great pre-sale support to find what I need based on where my boat is and the type of water gave me a great reassurance I was getting the right parts.  I called with a post-sale question - these guys were there for me.  Highly recommend
-- Nick, Freeport NY

What a pleasure it is to buy from you.  Fast, helpful and efficient.  
-- Dane

Nice and helpful website.  Pleasure to shop here.  Thank you & Happy New Year!
-- Karl

If this email is being read by a real person, I’d just like to say how really great your service is.  Each time I order these zincs they ship right away and delivery is always smooth and on time.  Just great service!  Thank you!!
-- Alexis

Wow, a quick, personal and educational response to a technical question.  That's impressive.  And uncommon from a vendor.  I'll add it to the reasons I buy my boat zincs through you guys.  Thanks so much!

I needed some new anodes for my boat.   Went to boat zincs dot com and make my selects.   Hit order.   Imagine my surprise when I got a note from Kyle saying words to the effect of, "Hey this is what you ordered but you may be better served with these other products.   Let me know what you think, we are standing by."   Wow, customer service.   Amazing.   I took some photos of my anodes, sent them to Kyle then had a great call with him.   He helped me figure out exactly what I wanted.   The next day the new anodes were at my place.   I love doing things right.   Kyle was informative without being disparaging, a great trait.  I highly recommend boat zincs dot com.   They are here in the USA, they care about customer service, and they follow through.  
-- Joe

The sales support that I got from Maryanne and Kyle was outstanding.   They caught 2 mistakes I made in my order and called me promptly to get it straight.  Thanks again,
-- John

What a Great Sales Experience!!  Shout out to Kyle!  BRAVO
-- Raymond

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Just want to say I was impressed with the quality of the zincs I received.  The detail, consistancy and quality of casting of the zinks and the stainless hardware showed a clear commitment to putting out a top product at the right price.  Great work!  Thanks, and be sure I'll be ordering all my zincs from you.  Feel free to quote me.
-- Bill

Thank you for your zincs and great service.
-- Ed

Thank you so much for following through with my request.  Superior customer service!
-- John

Thank you!  Your service and speed of delivery was amazing.  Order arrived 2nd day after ordering.
-- David

Thanks!!!!!! You guys have the easiest friggin site of anything I ever buy on the internet. Please don't change....ever!
-- Dan

Wait a minute – you took 5 whole minutes to ship my order?  Why did it take so long?  (Obviously I’m joking – thanks for the quick service).
-- Doug

What great customer service !! I ordered a part today and an hour later realized I actually needed two.   So logged on and ordered a second on a separate invoice.  Just received a call from Boat Zincs (should have confirmed the name) and they have combined both orders so that I will save on shipping.  It was my mistake, there was no need for you guys to change anything, but you did…and thank you.  Its great to see that customer focused service is alive and kicking.  I will share my experience with all my boating friends.
-- Robin

Thank you so very much.  I really appreciate the credit.  I only have one go to for zincs and I tell anyone who asks...   The customer service at is beyond compare - and a true outlier in the marine industry.
-- Patrick

Thank you, great quick service as always.
-- Debbie

Thanks.  As usual all good.
-- Donald

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Thank you.  Package received.  You have been a great company to supply my boat anodes over many years.
-- Scott

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU for the great customer service!  I recently placed an online order for a new zinc kit for my Mercruiser outdrive.   First, you phoned me to let me know that you have a cheaper, faster way to ship my order (who does that these days????).  Next, the order arrived much sooner than anticipated; however, one part was damaged in shipment. I called customer service and your team immediately ordered a replacement part for me on the spot, no questions asked. Five minutes later I received a shipping notice! You guys are great!
-- Doug

In a world of very poor customer service across the vast majority of vendors, just wanted to say, THANK YOU for the excellent customer service, Tyler!  Appreciate your friendly professional demeanor, quick response, clear communication and especially the tracking numbers and CofC. ?  Have a great day and I look forward to doing business with you again!
-- Psyche

Ok so I just tracked down my guy that took the box that the zincs came in, and yes indeed, there are 7 there.   I should have known better than doubt you guys!! You are always spot on.  Thanks for helping me out with the this.  You guys rock!!!
-- Laurie

This is my second year ordering from you folks.  I've advised many friends to purchase from you, which they have.  Thanks again for having great products at great prices.
-- Frank R., CT

I learned of your company by reading a recent article on the Attainable Adventure Cruising website.  The author speaks highly of your service and products and I look forward to ordering from you again.
-- Torsten

Thank you for such a quick delivery.  I’ll keep working with you in the future.  I’m a very happy customer.
-- Chris

Thank you guys for the continued great service over the years.
-- Paul V

You guys are the best, thanks.
-- Dennis

I am shocked and amazed and impressed with your great service and quick results.   I wish I needed more anodes just to support your operation.
-- Captain John

Just got my order, I haven’t dealt with such a USER FRIENDLY COMPANY!!! like Boatzincs in a very long time.  Thanks again, guys are FANTASTIC!!!
-- John

You "guys" R really good.  Thanks.
-- Steve

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Very impressed with your website, the ease of finding the correct zincs, and the speed that you ship orders.  I just placed my 2nd order. It is apparent that someone (or some people) in your organization is going the extra mile to ensure a very positive customer experience... well done.
-- Glen

I greatly appreciate you shipping the order right out.  You make some great products.  You gained a loyal customer and I appreciate it.  Regards.
-- John

Excellent Client relations, actually answers emails timely.  I was not dealing with someone in another country.  I got exactly what I needed & more, fast shipping.   Great USA Company.
-- Dave

Thanks for fulfilling and shipping my order with lightning speed.  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it showed up.  Keep up the good work, great customer service.
-- Doug

I wish you guys sold other marine supplies.  Your order fulfillment is the absolute best I have ever seen!!  Nice job and thank you!
-- Tony

I have had great service from in the past, but this weekend was waaay over the top.   In a pinch for engine zincs before a long distance voyage I reached out during a holiday weekend and came through for us.   THE best marine vendor with THE best customer service.
-- Marty

You guys are the absolute best!  Thank you for saving our ass.
-- Colleen

Y'all need to run the government.  Very efficient.
-- Nathan

Very impressed with your service.  Was a small order but I needed this missing anode to launch my boat.  I will use and recommend your company to others.
-- Tom

Thanks for calling about my error in ordering.  I do appreciate the extra step you took to contact me.   You might respond, “We’re just doing our job”, but so many people aren’t doing their job.  You guys stand out in the customer service industry.
-- Dean

I did indeed receive the zincs!  You run a great business, easy to navigate website, fast shipping, and great prices!  Thanks!
-- Joe B.

You guys are great!  Always top notch service and fast shipping!  I will be buying more in the future.  Thank you very much!
-- Scott

You guys are awesome!  Great prices and fast delivery!  Thank you.
-- Kristyn

You folks are very easy to do business with, thank you!  I forwarded your contact info to a few of my "boating" friends.
-- Bob

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A first class company, they are extremely attentive and professional, with A1 service and attention to clients, highly recommended.   Furthermore they are an excellent source of Magnesium anodes for Max-Props.  Most sources don't stock the Magnesium that we need for fresh water.
-- Robert

Quality anodes at a great price.  Super fast shipping too!  Three seasons since I found them and won't get anodes anywhere else!
-- Nate

Great place-
#1 Prices better than west marine
#2 Awesome customer service! Ordered on line and 15 mins later customer service calls me - turns out my order was all messed up and they fixed it right there. Instead of sending wrong items called to make it right and save me time!
#3 - When I made an order mistake return was super easy!!
-- Jonathan

Wow, thank you for the fast shipping ?! You guys own the record!
-- Jim

You shipped me the right size last month.  I returned them and now I'm reordering what you originally shipped.  It's not easy being me :-)   Thanks for the good service.
-- Neil

Thank you for your good humor, Neil!

I don’t know how you could make it better!
-- Dale

Holy CRAP you guys are fast!!  Thats why year after year I come back ... but this was like 6 minutes!!
-- Timothy

I cannot believe how fast you shipped the anodes and I have them at my door at such a great price!   I have been a customer for years and seems like you all just keep getting better each year!
-- Mike

Thanks, you guys are awesome.
-- Dennis

Thank you Jack, arrived and installed.  Great customer service, thank you so much.
-- Bob

I want to thank Bob for his terrific efficiency in getting me a zinc I so importantly need for my boat that made it to Key West...from Marion, MA with all the old zincs gone completely.   I picked up the mailed package as soon as it came in today.  More than likely they’ll be installed tomorrow.  It was a pleasure doing business with the company and a great phone conversation with Bob.  Thanks to everyone involved, you people are great!  My best to all.
-- Les ⚓️

Unbelievable.  BoatZincs rocks!!!  72hrs. - boom here you go.  Thank you!!!
-- Eric

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The order did arrive and is in great shape as always.  I really appreciate your quick service guys.  I've bought zincs from you for several years and always had wonderful, fast shipping.  Thank you again !
-- Captain Keith

Very happy for the personal service when the 1st shipments got lost.  You earned a permanent customer and all of my boating friends and there are a lot of them will be recommended to your company.  Great service and great communication!
-- Bill

Great service for sure.
I wanted to say thank you.  Order arrived yesterday.  Great service for sure.  
-- Bob

They were delivered at 10 AM this morning.  You knocked this one out of the ballpark buddy!  I don’t know how you did it but you got them here and I am very appreciative of the interest, empathy, and the willingness to find a solution on your part.  Please forward this email to your boss so that they can see the level of excellence you exhibited this morning.  You are to be commended.  Thank you,
-- Larry

Thank you for the quick delivery, nicely packaged and correct.  Pleasure doing business with you.  See you again next year.

PS: We recommend you to all our boating friends.
-- Leo

Got it.  Great service, I’ve already shared your info to other boaters as a resource.  Thanks.
-- Walt

You guys rock!!  Received order with everything I ordered exactly.  Thank you.
-- Karl

Thank you so much for such a quick response!   Your service is second to none, I am glad a friend referred me to you.   Also your prices are fantastic.  Thanks again!
-- Jason

I just wanted to share the amazing customer service I received.   I ordered the wrong part and they actually called me to confirm order or see if it was the wrong part.   Cancelled my order and shipped out the correct parts the same day.  Absolutely blew my mind with great customer service.  Will only order from them again.   Thank you so much.  Great prices and super fast shipping on top of it.
-- Kevin

Thanks for the rapid response and timely delivery of my order.   Great service normally not provided by many retailers.
-- Glenn

First time online order which was seamless.  Very fast shipping.   Anodes look great.  Can't wait till the snow melts, get the boat out to install and go fishing.   Will order from you again...Thank you!
-- Marc

Thank you, you run a great operation !
-- Roger

Back to Top is the best vendor I have ever dealt with.  Orders are always filled easily with a simple phone call, shipped the same day and delivered promptly at the lowest cost possible.   I have been purchasing anodes from since 2018 and have always been 100% satisfied, really impressed with “”, their products are high quality, do not come loose, double bolts, internal copper contacts, have all types of anodes in stock, plus a selection of stainless steel wire brushes, etc., have great tips and instructions.  We purchased 5 years worth, highly recommended, well worth a try.
-- David, Australia

What great customer service!!  Calling to confirm shipping so expectations are met is a plus.   I will do business with you guys again and recommend to my friends.
-- Chris

Thanks for quick service - and a well-done web site - a pleasure to use.
-- Ralph

Great to talk to someone with knowledge.  Thanks again.
-- William

Perfect fit and great value for the price.  Already installed and ready for spring.  Thanks.
-- Lenny

I'm delighted with your patience during my call a few days ago to identify the correct zinc.  Thanks.
-- Joseph

Thank you very much for the quick order fulfillment!  Great job!
-- Jim, Canada

Thank you.  Great stuff.  I saved so much money with you.  I'm telling the world.
-- James

I have been boating for over forty years and have dealt with many vendors over the years. is the best vendor I have ever dealt with.   Orders are always filled easily with a simple phone call, shipped the same day and delivered promptly at the lowest cost possible.   I have been purchasing anodes from since 2014 and have always been 100% satisfied.  I wish I could say the same for other vendors.
-- Roy

Just wanted to say thank you for the superfast delivery.  I believe this is our second order with your firm and we could not be more pleased with the ease of ordering, the costs, the products and the delivery time.   Keep up the great work and again thanks.
-- Capt. Rob

Hey thanks for getting it out quickly!  I will remember.
-- Mark

Thanks for excellent, prompt service!  Zincs look great!
-- Marita

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Just of brief note of thanks.  My order arrived early to Miami, packaging was perfect, anode kit was very high quality and included exact parts and fasteners.  Will be a repeat customer.
-- Dan

Great products and descriptions on webpage.  Super fast shipping and eveything fits perfect.  Bought anodes for two boats, two different brands, a perfect fit, and great price.
-- Howard

Thanks for superlative service.  You have my repeat business! 
-- Cliff

About the only thing you could have done better would have been to deliver my item in person.  A phone call to your customer service cleared up a question I had and solved another problem I did not even know I had, zinc or aluminum.   I got off the phone and placed the order and in almost no time I received an email saying my item had been shipped and should be here on Monday.  This is Monday and I got my trim tab.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and, if I get the opportunity, I will certainly feel secure in recommending BoatZincs to anyone.  Thank you!
-- Blake

You guys really are the best.  A master class in customer service!   Thanks again.
-- Paul

Hello, I cannot believe you took the time to call me offering a less expensive shipping method saving me $5.00 on a zinc that retailed at $5.52.  It was a very small purchase and I don't know if I will need any other item your company sells but you can be sure I will check first before ordering elsewhere.  I worked in retail for 40 years with one company before retiring and 18 years in the hospitality industry as a second career and understand the importance of outstanding customer service.  Your company's approach to the subject is top notch!  Thank you so much!
-- William

Thanks so much for your quick and professional service!  I know where to get anodes.   Thanks again
-- Dan

That’s amazingly fast!  Thank you!  Beating Amazon!!!!
-- Donald

I wanted to thank you for such excellent service in fulfilling my order.  It has been a long time since I have experienced the friendly, precise, quick and cost effective service from Boat Zincs Inc.   Please continue the good work you are doing !!!!
-- Jose, PR

Usually, I don't send feedback on items I've purchased but in this case I felt it was necessary.  First time ordered so I was a bit skeptical on what I was ordering.  I had just purchased a Yamaha trim tab from another company which for all practical purposes was supposed to fit.  Not even close.  But this web site guided me through what I needed, the price was more than right, so I ordered the new trim tab.  Three days later it arrived in the mail and it fit perfectly.   So thankful.   Thanks BoatZincs for the great service.  Will definitely use company in future.
-- Gary

Thank you for the fast service.  The zinc looks great and fits.
-- John

I got the package, thank you for excellent service.
-- Rotem, Israel

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Best customer service yet.  Thanks!
-- Al

"Hi, this is Doug.  I just wanted to call to thank you guys for getting this order out so quick.  I got it today a few minutes ago.  My little nine dollar order treated like it's a $900 order – don't matter I guess to you guys – everybody gets the golden treatment.  Thank you so much and enjoy stay safe.  Bye."
-- Doug

Thank you!  Excellent product and fast shipping.
-- Greg

Thank you very much.  Not many good companies out there like you.  I will be recommending you to everyone I know.
-- Ed

Fine-Job.... “As Usual” - BRAVO !!!!!  Thanks
-- GG

Every year you do a great job.  I will stay with you as long as I own a boat.  Thanks again for your quick service.
-- Tom

You people were AWESOME!!  That zinc came all the way across the country in under 24 hrs, just in time!  Thank you so much.  [Customer selected UPS Next Day Air.]
-- Andrew

Thanks folks!  Great service and I want to compliment you on your choice of packing materials which are very eco friendly!  Have a great summer!
-- Henry

["Where's my order?"]  Thanks so much for your reply... guess I ordered from by mistake... that will never happen again... so I took them out of my book and entered yours for next year...
Again, thanks for the reply...
-- Dan

Great Service!  Thank you.
-- Thomas

Order received, very nice product.  Thank you.
-- Alex

Thanks for your excellent service.
-- Doug

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Everything perfectly packed.  Thanks for getting it here so fast!
-- Sean

What a perfect transaction!  I have not dealt with better or been more impressed!  Kudos to all of you.  Be safe.
-- Ralph

Thank you!  I received my anode 3 days early.  We were able to drop it in early.  You guys rock!
-- Mike

Thank you so so much.   I love you guys; you really know customer service!!!!!  Best to your day!!
-- Bill

Thank you for your quick shipping and great prices!!
-- Don

A 7 minute delivery window from time of ordering?!  Amazon eat your heart out!
-- Zack

Awesome service and super fast delivery.  Thank you!  Buy Local!
-- Bill

Just a quick thank you - great prices, great service.  Before I moved to NYC in 2013, I lived in Marlborough and used to drive to your warehouse to pick up my zincs !!!  So always have felt a direct personal relationship with you all.  All the best.
-- Ed

These guys are quick!  I placed an order at 8:55am had an emailed conformation at 8:56am.  Then had a shipping confirmation and tracking number at 8:59am.

Thanks for being open with all this going on in the world.  Zincs are essential to us living in our boat home.  We really appreciate it!
-- Crystal

Bang in time, pretty impressive...  Never thought that my delivery would get here as predicted...  Good job, thanks.
-- Mike (Mexico)

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The best products and service ever!  Can't fathom why anyone would buy from another outfit.  Thank you......
-- Cindy

You people are truely awesome.  Every year my order gets shipped about 10 minutes after putting it in.  That's why I come back every year and have recommended you to everyone at my marina year in and year out.  Great job folks!
-- Tim

Kudos to Kyle for the outstanding customer service!  I placed an online order yesterday and Kyle followed up with me this morning b/c the order wasn't quite right.  Thank you for catching my mistake, contacting me by phone and helping me revise my order before it shipped out.  I really appreciate the personalized service and the best part is my spring prep will still be on schedule.
-- Robert

BoatZincs is awesome!  My hull zinc has been installed and the boat is in.  Engine zinc yesterday and the engines are running.  Thanks again for getting my orders out, especially during these challenging times, to say the least!  A BIG thank you to a top notch operation.  Be safe!
-- John

Great service as usual.  Greatly appreciated especially during these hard and difficult times.
-- Ray

All,  Thank you I could not believe the speed in which I received all zincs.  Be safe.
-- Stephen

Wow, three minutes from the time I ordered until the time I received shipping notice .... you guys are getting slow! :-) Thanks, stay safe and healthy!
-- Mark

Thank you!  I received my zinc so I can finish getting my Corona escape vehicle ready for an early plunge.  I’ll become a faithful shopper for all my zinc needs with another order shortly.
-- Nick S.

Just found out about y’all.  Ordered some product last week and rec’d quickly.  Just did a second order because what I rec’d fm another vendor was wrong size.  Rec’d immediate response that order was processed and on the way.  Y’all rock...will recommend to my friends.  Cheers!
-- Sketch

Order received yesterday.  Thank you for many years of service!
-- Scott N.

You guys are great!  Exactly like I got last time; quick and a good price!  I’ll continue to order only from you & recommend to my friends.
-- Tony H.

Great service, good pricing, reasonable shipping will bring me back again, thanks.
-- Bill T.

Holy moly, from order confirmed to order shipped notification was 4 minutes!  You guys rock!
You guys rock!
-- Brad

Thanks, lightning quick!
-- Dennis

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You folks are great!!!  Thank you for being a great company!  Great products, great prices, great service!!!  The Best!!
-- Dave

Just a note to the team and your company: you guys are the best in customer service, satisfaction and expediency.  Thank you and best regards.
-- Michel

Greatly appreciated the follow up call to my on-line order that you could save me on shipping costs vs option I selected.  Order arrived USPS in 2 days. Product quality is excellent.  Thanks again!
-- Paul

Thank you!  I have ordered from you guys for 4 years.  This is my first boat.  Your website is easy to navigate for parts, and customer service is great!  Good job!
-- Steve

I would like to say, great Service.  My order was handle with quickness, kindness and accuracy.  The sales people were very professional.  Zinc you very much.
-- Capt Steve

P.S. you know I will recommend you to my friends.

I have the zincs.  I can't say enough how awesome it was that you jumped in, and I'm sure that without it we wouldn't have received the package.  I will definitely be mentioning your support in social media and to other cruisers.
-- Graham

Thank you!  This was a great buying experience.  I’ll be back!
-- Ron

Thanks you guys.  You rock the Zinc world.
-- Ward

Thank you.  I’m not sure how you could make ordering from you better or easier.
-- Dave

I ordered the wrong anode but later that day re-ordered the correct one.  BoatZincs caught my error and called to double check if I wanted to cancel my first order.  I really appreciate your call -- thank you!  I will be doing business with y'all again.
-- Michael

Went to their online catalog and ordered a zinc for my old rare saildrive, it arrived as promised but didn’t fit, one phone call later, the correct ones arrived in two days with a full refund of ones I ordered wrong.  Really fast, friendly service!
-- Jim

Not many folks operate their business this professionally!
-- Larry

Wow, I am impressed!  That's pretty awesome to have it ship within minutes of my hitting send on the order!
-- Susan

This is truly one of the best online vendors I've ever dealt with.  Superb service and the quality of the anodes is perfect, better than West Marine.  HIGHLY recommended to every boater who replaces his own zincs.
-- Lee G.

Thank so much for your fast, efficient, and friendly service!  If every company worked as smoothly as yours, the business world would be a much better place!  I will always use you for my zinc needs and will recommend you to all my boating friends! All the best,
-- Rick G.

10-4.  Great service, convenient online ordering, great prices, and speedy delivery.
-- Gerald

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I tried another place 3 times for a zinc — they kept getting it wrong.  Ordered it here got it next day and it was the right one.  I have ordered here before and they are great to do business with very polite and helpful.  Thank you all @ BoatZincs - keep up the great job!!!
-- Joe

I'm very pleased with the selection, quality, price and turnaround time from  The less common freshwater-oriented magnesium zincs I have been looking for are in stock, and ship quickly.  My most recent order was made late Sunday night and arrived Wednesday.  Well done!  I will be searching for zincs here in the future.

Thank you, I'm a first time buyer and a life time customer.  10 out of 10.
-- Francis

Thank you so much for the great service, wish more co. were like yours.  I don't know what else I can buy from you but trust me I will pass on a good word about you.
-- Jay

I've been using for years - always excellent service.  My order went in on Thursday and got them on Friday!

We are new to our SeaRay 240 and replaced the anodes for the Bravo III and the trim tabs.  Our experience dealing with was a pleasure.  They obviously take customer service seriously.  With expert advice and friendly courteous service, we will certainly recommend and continue to use in the future.  Shipping was immediate and prompt follow up order tracking.  Thanks BoatZincs!
-- Kevin

Received my zincs from you guys a few weeks ago, now I just need time to install them!  Great service.
-- Todd

I've been a customer for several years.  BoatZincs has always shipped fast and provided exceptional customer service and technical advice.  Highly recommended!
-- Kevin

Once again your service is incredible -- When UPS arrived yesterday it was so quick I had forgotten what I had ordered -- Then he asked if I wanted him to install the zincs -- With service like this I would buy zincs from you annually even if I didn't have a boat -- Thanks again
-- Rick

Great anodes and fast ship, will work great on my pontoon I use in fresh and salt water.

I just want to say you folks are awesome.  Thanks for the prompt service and transparency.
-- Jonathan

Wow, you’re service is awesome!  Shipped the same day and I got it the next day.  In this day and age of (no) customer service, I’m very impressed!!!!!!!!
-- Steve

Thank you for the excellent service!!  You guys are a stellar company.
-- Jeff

The order was perfect.  Thanks for your great service.  I’ll be sure to use Boat Zincs again!!
-- Joe

Thank you, my experience with has been exceptional.
-- Allen

BoatZincs came through for us.  Anodes were ordered on Monday and delivered across the county two days later at no additional charge.  We will be buying from BoatZincs again.  Thank you.
-- Jeff

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I received and installed my order today.  It's a perfect fit.  Thanks for your prompt and professional service.
-- John

Thank you, you guys are great!  It is so easy to order & then get your delivery so quickly.  Your friendly attitude makes me feel like you really care about customers & doing the best you can in service.  In these days of “could care less” attitudes, you set the high bar for standards.  Thanks again.
-- Charles

I placed an order late yesterday from Windham, NH. and very impressed with how fast it was delivered.  I received it today at 12pm.  That was amazing, great job to all the staff that made this happen.  I have been a customer for many years and I have recommended this great company to many people.  Thanks again for a great job.  Please pass this along to the staff.
-- George

I am a new beginning boat owner.  I recently went out for a pleasure drive in my boat with a friend, who is a long time boat owner.  He was looking at my boat and explained to me about the sacrificial anodes.  I removed all of mine and tried to order them.  I was looking on BoatZincs and could only find one of the three.  I called BoatZincs and asked if I could send them a picture of the parts I needed.  They said, "Sure". I sent it to them.  Within 15 minutes I received a phone call with the product numbers of the parts that I needed, and a recommendation of which ones I don't need to replace.  Also, he realized I needed one more that was not currently not on my boat.  I would highly recommend BoatZincs.  It was a pleasure doing business with them.  Don't know how long the zincs will last, but when I need to order again, it will be with BoatZincs.
-- Anonymous

Good morning to the staff of  I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a pleasure it is to work with your company.  Everyone from the person who takes my order down to the person who packs the shipment, your customer service should be commended for a job well done.  Thank you again for your professionalism and knowledge of the marine anode industry.
-- Capt. Jeff

Thanks BoatZinc Team!  Order arrived in one day — thanks for the great service and products.
-- Tim

Thank you, order was received, the fastest service ever.  Package came in the day after it was ordered.  Nicely packed as usual and everything was as ordered.  Thank you, see you again next year.
-- Leo

Thank you for the quick response -- I received the zincs Monday.  In a sea of endless Internet choices your customer service stands out and is greatly appreciated.  I will be sure to recommend.
-- Shelly

Your service is one of the best in the boating industry.  Thank you!
-- Brad

After ordering on Amazon and having my order go 'missing' -- and then required to wait yet another 10 days -- I cancelled and ordered from BoatZincs.  You shipped my order the next day (with a real UPS tracking number) and I received it two days later.  Then you followed up to ensure that I indeed received it.  Great responsiveness, great customer service!

Just wanted to thank you all again for the excellent service and for taking the time to find the right zincs for my boat.  My boat being foreign manufactured has been a challenge finding maintenance items.  You guys made it happen from your phone support to delivery.  Great service !!  Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.
-- Tony C., Middle River, MD

Hello, just a short note to let you know that I have been using your company for my outboard zinc needs for several years.  You've always shipped the correct product each time; shipped the correct number of item; shipped quickly; and all at a very competitive price.  For me, this is no longer a common occurrence with the other online stores I use and I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and your employees who make it happen.  Thank you!
-- Mike W., Poulsbo, WA

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me find the correct anode for my boat.  The boat was manufactured in Slovenia and I had no reference numbers to work off of.  You all took the time (about 45 minutes) on the phone with me as I measured and described the existing zinc.  Perfect match.  Thanks again.
-- Tony

Thank you.  That extra meaty zinc is definitely a monster.  Appreciate how damned fast you shipped, too.  A+, thank you.
-- Brian E.

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Your company is fantastic!!  From the time I placed my order to when you shipped was an amazing 17 minutes!!  WOW!!!  It is such a pleasure doing business with you.  Thank you from a very happy customer.
-- William T.

I ordered by noon on Friday.  By 1:30 I had a call that I had picked the wrong zinc trim tab for my engine.  The order was changed and sent out.  I received the package at 10 am on Sunday.  Wow, that's great service!!

Thank you so much for my order this week!  I ordered a trim tab and it was one for saltwater.  I needed one for freshwater and someone from your company called me within 5 minutes of my order to make sure I ordered the right one.  We changed my order and it made it in three days to the door.  Can't say how much I appreciate the customer service that you have.  Thank you again.

Your Company is amazing!!!  I ordered at 10:47 and you shipped at 10:57.  Wow!! Thank you for your great service.
-- William

I was extremely pleased with my recent order.  It was shipped promptly, and the quality of the zincs was excellent.  But beyond that, the way it was packaged was far above my expectations.  It was very neat and orderly and everything was secure in the box.  Please share my positive comments with your staff.  Everyone involved should be complimented!
-- Eric, a very satisfied customer

You guys are the best.  So easy to work with, I am always amazed at how quickly I receive my order.
-- KJC

Thank you for your prompt service.  Your knowledgeable people and prompt shipment along with your reasonable prices made my buying experience a very good one.  I will definitely buy from you again.
-- Tom

Thank you!  This is my second time using your company!  Could not be more satisfied!
-- Ron

Experience was fantastic!!!!
-- Ed

Just have to tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever had better service from an online retailer.  Phone re-order was seamless, and I received my order the next day!  If word of mouth helps, you should be getting new customers from the Tacoma area.  Thanks!
-- Clyde, Tacoma WA

Quality product, low prices and ultra fast shipping.  What more can you ask for?  Thanks guys!
-- Tom G.

You guys are the best, and I will give you all my orders!
-- Joe

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I so appreciate your wonderful service and continue to recommend you to all my boating friends.
-- Dave

I was impressed on how quickly I received it when it was delivered on Wednesday. -- BK

Incredible service, and fast, free shipping all the way to Alaska.  Ordered on Friday and it was in my hands on Monday, which is so cool.  Quality of the zincs looks great.  I'll definitely be back in a few months for the next shipment!
-- Matt, Alaska

Thank you for the fast shipment.  This was my first order from your firm and I will continue to order from you for my zinc needs in the future.
-- Kent

Hi Boat Zincs, we have been ordering from you for quite a few years.  We have always been happy with your expedient delivery.  Thank you.
-- Estelle & Bob

These folks are amazing!!!  I spoke with Tyler who is a wealth of knowledge.  I was on the phone for less than a minute and my order was complete.  I placed the order at 8:30 in the morning and received an email stating that my zincs were shipped by 10:00.  Thank you so much.  You have a customer for life.
-- Michael G.

I received my zincs in good order on Tuesday afternoon.  They were installed under the boat Tuesday night and I was launched yesterday morning!   Just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with BoatZincs fast response and shipment.  I could have bought them at a local marine hardware store but I don't think the quality is as good as BoatZincs.  Just wanted to say thanks and I will not only continue to buy but will also spread the word about your company.  Thanks again!
-- John

Thanks for sending the order out so fast -- I received it today.  You have a great company!
-- Jim W.

Received my order today, very fast shipping and great prices.  Thank you.
-- Andrew

Everything “as advertised” and promptly too.  I’ll tell my friends.  Thank you!
-- Klaus

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It was delivered when you said it would be.  You come through every year.  You guys are so reliable that it's boring. . . in a good way!
-- Anthony

I ordered magnesium anodes for my Mercuiser outdrive from BoatZincs.  Never used this company before so I didn't know what to expect. . . Well, this company is now saved in my favorites!  Prompt shipping with notification that order is on its way.  Nice work.

I am trying to let more people know about this company.  I've been buying from for over 4 years and it gets easier every year.  Running a charter boat means that the last thing I need is to waste time reordering stuff, or make a dumb mistake and have to return something.  They are the best.
-- Capt Mark

You guys are amazing and wonderful.  Awesome experience ordering from you for several years now!
-- Bob

The only place I go; on time delivery, priced right, shipped right away, and best priced.  Why would you go anywhere else?

Yes I received my order the morning after I ordered it.  You are the best!
-- Dennis

You guys are ridiculously fast and efficient.  I will be a customer for life!!! Thanks.
-- Larry

A gentleman named Tyler went out of his way to save me on my shipping charges.  That kind of service is very hard to find these days.  Thanks Tyler !!!  From the Land of Pleasant Living, Maryland's Eastern Shore.
-- Mark G

WOW!  First time I've order from you and I'm VERY IMPRESSED.  Great job from start to finish.  I'll be sure to tell my fellow boaters.  Thanks.
-- Chris

Thank you always a pleasure doing business with boatzincs.  Keep up the good work.
-- Leo

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Hello, Thank you for the help getting the right Anode for my Motor.  And how fast I got the right piece.  When or if I need another zinc anode I WILL BE ODERING FROM YOUR COMPANY And thank you again.
-- David

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for outstanding customer service.  Your staff goes above and beyond in making sure the customer has the best ordering experience possible.  You are awesome.  Satisfied Customer here.
-- Lewis

I ordered from Australia and found Boat Zincs had the best prices by far.  Also, when I mistakenly ordered the wrong product their friendly staff contacted me to sort it out prior to shipping which saved a great deal of hassle.  Then they offered the correct product without charging the extra it would have normally cost.  What can I say, great service and staff, will be recommending them to all my boating mates here down under.  Thank you BoatZincs.
-- Adam, Qld Australia

Great service, great price.  Thank you and happy New Year.
-- Pete provided the most fantastic service I've ever seen.  I ordered the zincs yesterday and they are delivered today by UPS, and it is only 12:30 pm.  You guys are great.  It's the new America.
-- Bruce N., NY

Being based in Massachusetts, our marina staff is elated to have a local vendor for our zinc anode needs.  All the reps at BZ have provided us with extremely satisfactory customer service and we would recommend them in a heartbeat.  The "waived shipping" on orders over $100 allows us to remain competitive, and the quality of their products goes hand-in-hand with our mission to provide boat owners with tip-top service.

One of the few companies in the industry you can count on.
-- Ryan D.

Thank you for the extremely quick service.  The part fits perfect.
-- Chuck

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Good morning, I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge what a pleasure it has been to work with your company from start to finish.  Your website was easy to navigate and the prices were the best I found.

Upon receiving the package yesterday, I was so surprised at the quality of everything included, as well as the speed it was delivered with.  Most things I receive in the mail are thrown together in some random order.  My BoatZincs box was organized and customized for my order.  Each zinc was organized by type and very tastefully ordered in a custom package.  The box itself was loaded with protective packing nuts and sealed with metal staples for extra strength.

I wanted to say thank you for running a 5 Star operation.  While no one likes to spend money on boat zincs, they are a vital part of our time on the water and it's refreshing to have a company that takes pride in what they do.  It's such a simple aspect but many companies have forgotten the little details that take the experience to the next level.  I have already given your company glowing references to all my boating partners, so look forward to myself and others as future customers for our boat zinc needs.

Feel free to use this review at your discretion to help your company grow.  Have a wonderful day!

-- Stephen, FL

It's installed [31640] and works great and I do appreciate the fast shipping!  Thanks much!
-- Robert, CA

I've driven by this place thousands of times since they moved to Hudson, just down the street from me.  Great business, great people.  Super clean and huge inventory of zincs.  I sure don't think I'll be buying my zincs anyplace else in the future.
-- Tom, MA

I have been dealing with this company since I bought my first boat in 2002.  The service is perfect, the communications are easy, the prices are good, the selection and availability are excellent.  If you have a boat, you need zincs, and if you need zincs, you can't beat
-- Joe

You guys are fantastic -- I have ordered a number of parts for several boats and everything is perfect!  The information on the website with instructional diagrams is spot on.  Great value, wicked fast delivery, perfect fit... enough said.  Thank you!
-- A Happy Customer

In all of my 81 years, I have never had better service than what I receive from  I placed my order just before noon yesterday.  Received confirmation within minutes.  Package arrived about noon today.  What more can this old sailor ask for?
-- James F.

Ordered four different zincs at very competitive prices and received them in less than a week.  Great service.  I'm a happy customer.
-- JN

Thank you for the best, fast, and most friendly service.  My zincs arrived when you said and my order was exactly what I wanted.  Will do business again. 
-- David H.

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I am very impressed with BoatZincs' product support.  My engine mount was corroding due to an AC electrical short circuit.  Their Corrosion Reference Electrode, along with a great user's guide and some very generous phone support, allowed me to diagnosis and correct the problem in quick order.
-- Alan H., WA

Every year I log in, look at my order from the previous year, and place my order.  It can't be any easier.  They ship fast and our 38 Ocean Yachts is happy.
-- Brass Monkey, NJ

Your follow-up email messages on my order were much appreciated.  Not many companies go to the length you folks do. 
-- Ed, Longport, NJ

We send three emails to our customers right after they place an order with us: 1) Order Confirmation, 2) Order Shipment Confirmation with Tracking, and 3) Order Delivery Confirmation.

Ordered zincs a 4:00 pm and received the next day at 4:15 pm.  THAT's what I'm talking about!!!  Great service!!!  As they say, 'I'll be back'.
-- Gordon

You guys are amazingly quick.  You notified me that my order was shipped within hours of me placing the order … and the order was placed on a Sunday night.  Further the shipment arrive the next day!  Great Job!!
-- Pete

Delivered the day after I ordered them.  You guys are great!!
-- Robert

As usual, excellent service and great value.  Don't change anything you have it right.
-- Rich K., CT

Hey guys and gals, thank you very much for the quick service and fair pricing, especially on the 'way more than resonable' shipping charges.
-- Mark S.

I just took delivery of your Corrosion Reference Electrode.  I am impressed with product quality and the user's guide.  Well done indeed.
-- Alan

Outstanding product and price!  Thanks.
-- Mark H.

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Thank you, this online order process is great, well communicated.
-- Mark T.

Excellent service I will highly recommend you.  Plus you have an easy name to remember....
-- Mark

Received my shipping confirmation minutes after I ordered.  What took so long?:-)  You guys drink rocket fuel.
-- Jack K., Ft. Myers, FL

Been using your products for years!  Great products and information.  I endorse your products on our Marinette Aluminum Boat Forum.
-- Dave

I did not think you were so fast, efficient, and with a wide variety of zinc for all engines.  Congratulations.
-- Alberto, Brazil

Thanks guys for the fast delivery.  I looked all over Lauderdale for this zinc and could not find it.  You had it! --- Thanks!!!
-- Lee M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This is the second time I've used Boatzincs and parts fit perfect everytime.  The part got here so fast I thought they were in my area (they're in MA and I'm in AL).  Thanks guys for the great service.

Thanks you so much for your service.  My order arrived Saturday, and I really appreciate your taking time to call me, about reduced shipping costs, and very quick delivery.
-- Lee D.

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This was the first time I ordered anything from your company and wanted to tell you it was an extremely pleasurable experience.  Tyler was very patient, informative, and kind when I called looking for advice.  I have told several other mariners about your company.  Thank you.
-- Richard S.

Hi BoatZincs, Just wanted to let you know that I received my reference cell on Wednesday the 23rd.  That means that I ordered the unit on the 21st and received it just two days later.  From a customer's standpoint, that is outstanding service and I appreciate it very much.
-- Dale

I've purchased anodes from you for the past 4 or 5 years and you have consistently provided excellent pricing and quality products coupled with very fast and reliable service.  This is why I consistently return to you each year rather than buy my anodes at my local marine store.
-- Lorne, BC, Canada

Great service and price.  I was looking with out any luck for a zinc that goes on a Grady White drive bracket for outboards and found it on your site.

I'm a sailor.  I know the importance of anode protection, but when I recently bought a power boat, I needed advice about fresh water vs salt water, which anodes fit my outdrive, what material, etc. Boat Zincs provided all the info I needed in an easy to navigate website, no guessing involved.  I ordered with confidence and promptly received the complete kit I needed.  Thank you, Boat Zincs!

Awesome job helping me with my anodes.  Advice, price, shipping, communications all terrific.  Thank you.
-- Frank

Thank you for such great service -- all the way to California in 3 days.  Amazing! is the best place to buy zincs.  I’m glad my diver told me about you.  I was pressed for time and had just over a week to get the boat ready for the opening of salmon season, so your fast service really helped.  Thank you again.
-- Jim

Long time customer using your anodes to protect my vessel that recently traveled over 8000 miles on America's Great Loop.
-- Alan

Spot on customer service.  These guys called to inform me I could save $40 by switching to a different shipping method and waiting an extra two days.  I realized I accidentally selected the wrong method of next day air and asked them to change it to the more appropriate method since I was in no hurry.  They also removed an item from my cart explaining my motor was designed to only hold a certain amount of anodes and 1 out of the 2 items I purchased would not fit.  Being a new boat owner I always have tons of questions and really appreciate the patience and assistance provided.

You are awesome.  You are the best to deal with ever.  Thank you for caring in every way possible and doing what you say you will do.  Just amazing and wonderful. Thank you again.
-- Susan

Thanks for your prompt delivery!  My boat was already launched so I merely lined a float up behind my Tolly, reached down, undid the remaining Sideshift zincs, wire brushed as per instructions, screwed in the (6) new supplied zincs....and...job done!  Eezy peezy!

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery to receive the zincs the next day made me very happy and your prices are very reasonable.  I will be doing business with you again!
-- Ross

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I received my order and was impressed as to how fast I received it.  This was a test to see how ordering zincs thru the mail would work and it was a total success.  Great job!!!!  I will definitely be ordering more in the future.  Thank you
-- Ron

You guys are the best.  My package was at my door this afternoon.  Now that's what I call customer service and that's why I keep coming back and referring my friends.  Take care and keep up the good work.
-- Lee

Great job, fast delivery!  A pleasure doing business with you.
-- BT

There's not much more you could do to improve my buying experience.  Your ease of ordering, order acknowledgement, prompt order-fill, and fast delivery is awesome.  That's why I'm a repeat customer.  Thank you.
-- DJ

Great service.  Ordered Monday afternoon.  Received the new anodes by Thursday.  I ordered the wrong ones.  Spoke to them and the correct parts are one the way.  If your looking for great service at a fair price this is the place to go.
-- Ray B.

By far the easiest task of maintaining my boat.  Ordering from BoatZinc is a breeze and your team is extremely knowledgeable & helpful.  Your pricing is great & no cost for shipping on certain orders is excellent.  Thanks -- Bob K.

High quality anodes with very fast shipping!!  Will definitely recommend to friends and by a return customer!!!
-- Bryan T.

First time buyer and I'm very happy.  I got exactly what I wanted and, frankly, I couldn't get anywhere else.  Shipping was super quick and I was able to easily track my order.  I definitely will be back again.  Well done!

I've ordered from this company many times with excellent sales and service.  When I ordered this year, I chose to have the zincs shipped a more expensive way to arrive sooner.  That night I received an e-mail notifying me that regular shipping was instead used because delivery was just as fast and much less expensive.  They credited me my extra shipping payment and the product arrived as promised.  Their attention to customer service and satisfaction is why I will continue to buy from this company !!

Just a note to thank you all for the extremely prompt service.  I received the shipment yesterday and the HangTuff zinc is already in the water doing its job!
-- Bernie

Thank you, received my order, excellent job on packing, this is our first purchase from your company, zincs look good, we expect to buy all our future zincs from you.
-- Leo

Thank you, your service was EXCELLENT !!!
-- Bruce

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I appreciate the prompt service and perfect product.  Thanks. -- JT

I’ve purchased a number of anodes from your company and wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team.  Each and every time I contact your folks they are professional, informed, helpful, and responsive.  I’ve always believed that an organization can be judged by the quality of its people.  In this regard, you have a super team.  I do lots of customer satisfaction work for companies like Google, HP, Facebook, and so I have other quality organizations to compare "the customer experience" with.
-- John H., CA

Best site ever!  Easy to locate and order parts!  Best prices and very reasonable shipping, especially considering the weight of zincs.  Received exactly what I ordered days after ordering!  Highly recommend!
-- Jack L.

Once again, order delivered on time, perfectly packed, as ordered, first class service all the way.  You have no idea how much your perfect service, year after year, means to me, my associate diver and customers.  Thanks very much.
-- J.J.

Hey guys, just received my zinks for spring launch and everything arrived timely, exactly as ordered and very reasonably priced.  Seems I spend half my day trying to get people to do what I pay them to do, but you guys are one of the few organizations I can rely on to just make it happen and treat the customer right … thank you for that and see ya next year!
-- Gary

Hi, just a quick word to say thank you for turning around my orders so quickly.  You folks have become my go-to source for zincs – keep up the good work.
-- Charlie W.

This absolutely hassle free purchase marks my third season dealing with BoatZincs who successfully live up to their "10 Commitments to You".

Can’t ask for better service than that --- the order was placed just 12 minutes ago.
-- Richard R.

I received my order several days ago and it arrived in good shape.  It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and I will highly recommend BoatZinc's to all my boating buddys.
-- Karl H.

Received as promised, thank you for the great service, my sixth year with you folks, always do a wonderful job.
-- Joe D.

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Wow…received the order today, very impressed.  Nice pack job, fast and low cost shipping.  I will be re-ordering at the end of the season, and giving other boaters at Commodore Bay Marina in Avalon your contact information.
-- Peter

This once small operation is now the gold standard in customer service.  As a small, commercial diving service on Florida's Treasure coast, we have never been disappointed by the service and quality of their products.  When we need counsel on what is best of our clients, BoatZincs has always helped with timely and accurate advice.  There is no one else in the business that does it better.
-- J.J.

I have been a customer for about a year.  Zincs for my Yanmar were not available at West Marine or my marina store (a Yanmar dealer!!!).  Their typical response: "We can order them for you".  With you, I entered the Yanmar numbers, ordered them, and they arrived three days later.  Your service and prices couldn't be better.
-- Kerry

Thanks so much for the great service.  After my telephone call to you on Friday I ordered online and the zinc was shipped the same day.  It arrived at our Florida address on Monday (good job from USPS too) and was sent on to us.  It reached us about 10 days after my initial call.  We fitted it the same day.  Now that's what I call service!  Thanks.
-- Robbie, Curacao

I live in Alaska and have ordered zincs from you for the past couple years.  I write to thank you for your great products and exemplary service.

I just want to let you know that the speed of your service is worth coming back for.  I will never buy anodes from anywhere else again.   Thanks for the great service.  Have a lovely weekend.
-- Nico V.

Thank you for such great service and a very good product at a great price.  When I saw the pricing in stores and went home to look on the web.  Sure am glad to have found you and you will get my business probably every year.  Thanks again,
-- David P.

This is my second anode purchase from BoatZincs because their website, prices, packaging and shipping are excellent.

Ditto on my comments a few years back.  Time passes, but your company remains the best of the best in every respect.  If we could get the rest of the world to do half as well as you do on service and products, things would be a great deal better than they are.

Great price & superfast shipping !!!!!!!!!!
-- L.N.

Hi, ordered from you several times and have always been more then happy with the good prices, ease of ordering and super fast shipping!  Keep up the great work.
-- J.H.

The zinc I received didn't fit my screw posts.  Sent a message and Bob sent a replacement that day.  Arrived and installed perfectly.  It was a good feeling to see them stand behind the product without question.  Will do business again (these things wear out you know).  Even with freight these prices blow away local retailers...
-- Thanks, Sean S.

BoatZincs' selection and fast shipping is second to none!  As a professional hull cleaning company, is our only supplier of fast, quality zincs.  Thank you guys!
-- Chris

Ordered my anodes for my Beneteau and had them within a week.  Pretty quick delivery to UK.  Thanks guys.

They delivered just what we ordered and did just what they said.  Not everybody does.  Thanks!

I got my part in only 4 days!  That's great and it fit perfect !!!!!!

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This is my second anode purchase from BoatZincs because their website, prices, packaging and shipping are excellent.
-- Anonymous is my go-to source for boat zincs.  The orders are processed promptly and arrive quickly with the correct zincs every time.  Their 10 commandments of customer satisfaction are all accurate with this company.  They earn their customer's loyalty.
-- Brian, TX

I don't normally do this but I wanted to just say THANKS.  The product is great and the service even better then that.  I will recommend you to all my boating friends.
-- Bill

Another fine transaction.  Great Products, Fast Shipping, and Ole' Time Pricing!  Bravo....
-- RJ, NJ

After doing boat maintenance every spring and fall for 30 years I just wanted to tell you guys that you have the best service of all the suppliers I have ever dealt with.  My zincs arrived 2 days after ordering as usual.  Keep up the good work and don’t ever change!
-- Kevin M., NH

What an awesome company, placed my order, which on my behalf was incorrect for my needs.  Called the company and talked to a very knowledgable person that set me on the correct path and fixed my order.  I will definitely do business with this company anytime, and refer all boating friends as well.  Keep up the great work, not too many quality companies such as this one around anymore.  Once again thank you.
-- Eric M., MI

Thanks for the quick shipment of my zinc order, and I like your "10 Commitments".  I'm impressed.
-- Bill K.

I just wanted to let you guys know that you are great!!!  The items are of excellent quality and your service was exceptional.
-- John S.

They arrived yesterday.  You guys were great and I am spreading your name around the anchorage like a teenager in the school washroom.  Thanks again.
-- Robin

Received my order and it is exactly what I need, thanks for your prompt, high quality service.  Cheers.
-- Gary

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Awesome customer service!  Made my purchase online after reading good reviews on a forum and I was not disappointed.  I accidentally ordered 3 items instead of the two required anodes and was soon contacted by their customer service regarding my possible mistake.  The order was fixed and delivered in no time.  Will do business with this company in the future.
-- Matt Y., FL

I was having trouble sourcing anodes for my Beneteau 411.  I'm in Brisbane, Australia and was surprised that they were so hard to find, and the prices quoted so hard to swallow.  I found them (at the right price!) in a couple of minutes on your user-friendly website and received them exactly one week later.  That's what I call service!  Thank you, BoatZincs - highly recommended!
-- Brisbane, AU

Placed my order yesterday around 3pm and it was received this morning at 10:10am.  You folks surely set the example!  I've always been pleased with your service and have recommended you to others in the past -- and I'll do it again.  Thank you.
-- Roy B., NH

I received your shipment yesterday.  Super fast, excellent product, & a fair price.  I sent the web address for the Hamilton Jet Zincs to a friend and suggested he contact when he decides to replace the Zincs on his 212 Hamilton Jet.
-- Dennis, OR

Quality product, bargain price, beautifully packed and sent to the UK within hours.  Brilliant, unbeatable service... THANK YOU!

Aloha, I've used your company before and wanted to say that I've appreciated the free shipping to Hawaii.  I let our boat club know how you do take care of us, and to refer you to boaters here on Kauai.
-- Richard

Guys and gals,
Thanks for the zinc parts for my Mercury Optimax.  They were on my desk in less than 24 hours!!!  Talk about fast delivery!!  Everything fits perfectly and at an exceptional price too!!  Hope you all have a great season!!
-- Best regards, Ken

Just wanted to say Thank You.  I just did a re-order with you and received exactly what I had previously ordered.  Well packaged and very fast shipping.  You sent out the same day I ordered.  Knowledgeable and friendly.

Ordered zincs Friday.  Delivered Tues.  Fantastic service; great price!  A real pleasure to do business with you.  You're on my "A" list.  Thanks again.
-- Steve

Your products are superior just like your customer service.  I wouldn't buy from anybody else.  You can speak to a real person if you need to call too.
-- Bobby, Savannah, GA

Want to tell you, your service is great, shipping is great, product is great, I will tell everyone I can about you!!!  Thanks

Hello, My prder arrived today in Halifax Nova Scotia.  You people give the Greatest service!  Thanks.
-- Brian

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This is the best service worldwide.  Only 20 days from ordering to my doorstep here in New Zealand.  I recommend to all I know when it comes to buying zincs.
-- Bruce, New Zealand

Just a quick note to all at BoatZincs.  I received my order yesterday afternoon two days earlier than tracking had scheduled.  The order was 100% correct and every zinc was correct and a high quality item.  This order was placed after a conversation with an employee via telephone whom answered all my questions and was sure I had the information I needed to base my orders on.  BoatZincs has made a great impression on me and I intend to relay that to others I deal with in the NYS Finger Lakes area.  Your services are greatly appreciated, and in today's market are impressive.  Great job.  Thank you to all involved in the chain at
-- Mark T.

As always you were outstanding to deal with on the phone.  You gave me great advice on underwater metal prep.  I continue to tell my boat friends about your great deals.  Thanks again.
-- John C.

Just received our zincs.  Delivery was very fast, we were actually surprised at the speed they arrived.  Thrilled with the quality, better than expected, in fact they are impressive!  Another bonus was the prop zinc for our Autostream prop included the nut, something that I had to buy separately with my previous supplier.  Very impressed and we will be back for more.  Plan to share your site with all my boating friends.

Thanks for your help. It has been a true pleasure working with your company through the years.
-- Rich P.

I would appreciate knowing the freight cost before entering all my info.  Most times I just go to another site, but I have a good feeling that you are not charging inflated shipping costs.
-- Thomas P, WI

Thomas you missed the Shipping Calculator in your Shopping Cart.  Here you can enter your zip code and compare costs of the various shipping methods we offer.  We don’t markup any shipping costs, and if your order is over $100.00 we provide free shipping anywhere within the United States.

Happy Holidays!  Just received a credit from you for the zincs I didn't need and can't thank you enough for helping me out.  What a professional, caring, customer service oriented business you run!  Can't say enough good things about your operation and will continue to recommend you to all of my boating friends.  Look forward to dealing with you again.  God bless you all, and a safe, happy holiday and new year!
-- Michael W.

Today, I received my order, placed only recently with  The package arrived in excellent condition, timely and well packaged.  Please pass on my thanks to those who made the excellent customer service possible, including your sound technical advice.  It is through this service that you have gained a loyal customer.
-- Michael M.

If I get a bigger boat, I will have bigger orders for you guys.  Thanks for the good service.
-- Tim H.

That's the best and fastest service I've ever got, best prices by far, and perfect fits.  Thank you very much.
-- Pete J.

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Have been using BoatZincs for a number of years and can't be happier.  Half the price of the local dealer.  I love the feature that reminds me each year to order new anodes.  No need to go look up what I need.  Changed my email this year and didn't get the email and felt the pain.  When I went in to order I selected two day air.  Got a call within an hour to remind me I was wasting $11 because two day ground would reach me in the the same time.  Can't beat this level of service.  Highly recommend....

The Corrosion Reference Electrode arrived quickly, and as described.  Thanks!!
-- Robin M.

I cannot believe how much money I have wasted on zincs over the last few years.  I am a dinosaur when it comes to using my computer but your site is so user friendly and efficient it was easy.  Even on the phone while placing my order the gentlemen worked with me while I developed my order.  Piece of cake.  I sent out an email to all of my marina tenants and I am sure you will be shipping here lots more in the near future.  Great job.
-- Captain Bill

Greetings and thank you to the staff at!  You are great to do business with.  You provide top value to your customers with good pricing, speedy delivery, accurate orders, and courteous service.  We at our yacht club would have to be crazy to go anywhere else.
-- Santi, CT

Ordered a Flexofold zinc late last week, arrived today (Monday) via USPS.  My splash date is very safe, and I have now found a great place to get all my zincs as a one stop shopping experience. is great, excellent service, quick shipping and by far the best pricing around for my boating needs.  Thanks guys.


I am a fairly new boater and was advised by my engine mechanic to replace my zincs.  I found you guys online and very easily located my items and placed the order.  That was on Monday and yesterday (Tuesday) the items were delivered.  I really must compliment you all on this service and making what I thought would be a timely and complicated type purchase so easy.  I am sure to be a returning customer.
-- John (Boater in CT)

Just wanted to say thank you.  Once again your company strives on its customer service great products.  Good prices and quick delivery you really know how to keep your customers coming back year after year.  Whenever someone I know is looking for something I tell them to check out
-- Lee

Hi Boat Zincs Team, I received the anode and it fits perfectly!  Thank you again for all your support in getting me ready for the 2013 season!
-- Chad, WI

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Just received my order and wanted to compliment you on your excellent service.  One of the best Internet companies I've had the pleasure of dealing with.  Will recommend you to my steel boat friends.  Thanks again.
-- Julius H., CA

Hi folks.  I received the recent order to Australia in less than 2 weeks from post date.  I must say I was expecting a delivery of fairly rough anodes - you know, you get what you pay for - however I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the anodes, packaging and information supplied.  It takes me back to the days of when buying products from the US was a guarantee of quality .. and it has been a long time since I've said that.  Many thanks for the caliber of both your service and your products - I'll certainly recommend your website to the local marinas and yacht clubs in the area - and you can be assured I will return for another order in the future.  I appreciate your help.  Kind regards.
-- Brett F., Australia

You folks are the best.... ordered yesterday.... got it by noon today.... zincs are on the boat.... next step LAUNCH.... thanks again for all your help and speediness....
-- Keith, RI

This is the third time I've purchased anodes.  They always ship the correct product on time and are competitive on price.  The products are high quality and the shipments always have the parts needed for installation.
-- Jack, Grayslake, IL

You guys do a great job . . . year after year, please do not change!!!!
-- John F., NY

Easy to use web site.  Got every zinc I need.  All in one stop shopping!  Fast, free shipping.  Excellent packing.  Lowest price online or at local marine stores.  No FL sales tax.  Can't be beat.  You have a repeat customer here.
-- Ralph, FL

I have used you since I started boating back in 2003 and you've always provide excellent service!
-- Keith, PA

The order I placed arrived quickly and perfectly.  Good service is worth recognizing.
-- Steve, Ojai, CA

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Hey guys, well, have to tell you have a great web site, easy to use & well set out, you can actually see what you're buying. Prices are great as well. Delivery fast & efficient AND I got what I ordered (something that does not happen here much). Just like to say that I will be handing out your email address to everyone I know at the marina & anyone who is interested. Great to have found you. Kindest regards,
-- Stuart, Queensland, Australia

Thanks for the fast service and great price, well worth doing business with you.
-- Mick, Western Australia

Thank you for the expedient processing and shipping of my order.  You guys are a sage of wisdom in this field and I shall continue to utilize your company for all of my, and my associates, needs.  Your company is absolutely fantastic!
-- William B., TX

I just placed my first order and wanted to say how impressed I am with  Especially with Mr. Olsen who not only emailed me back with my questions but took it a step further and personally called me back.  His knowledge and expertise made me feel very much at ease.  When I placed the order I made a mistake and ordered the wrong kits.  He immediately caught it and called me and made the correction.  I am truly impressed with the customer service that I have received from and plan on telling all my boating friends about your great company.  A customer for life,
-- LR Hardy

I have received the zinc as fast as told.  Thank you, and I will be doing business in the future with you.
-- Richie

Awesome — I just had to let you know how awesome I think you guys are.  I have bought my zincs from you for the last three years and you are always the best price, easiest website to use and unbelievably fast.  I will continue to tell all my boating friends about you and continue to use you every year.  Thanks.
-- Catherine

I would like to express my first impression of dealing with  In one word OUTSTANDING!!!  Very quick delivery to a different country, no less, perfect packaging, and the right parts.  When I receive good service I tell the world so you will be receiving a lot more orders from the "Great White North".
-- Greg M., Manitoba, Canada

Last year I placed my first order with your company.  I found your web site easy to navigate, the prices were very good, the order process was smooth and the product was shipped and arrived ahead of my expectations.  In fact the entire experience was excellent.  Late last week, I re-ordered my zincs and was rewarded with the same excellent services.  Thank you for providing high quality product, at great prices and terrific service.
-- Ernie L.

Thank you very much for your quick service.  We received our zincs here into Finland in two weeks including EU customs clearance.  We wrote a short story about zincs and with compliments to you into our blog.
-- Andrus

Many Thanks for your brilliant and kind service to send me these anodes to the UK.  All safely arrived.
-- James S.

I just wanted to say thank you so much.  On March 26 I placed an order for some anodes for our 32' Carver.  I didn't think we were going to be able to launch our boat on time but because of your very quick response to my order, it will be launched on time.  We received the order on March 28.  I will definitely be telling all our boating buddies about your web site.  Also, because of your fabulous prices, you saved us a great deal of money----THANK YOU.  Keep up the good work.
-- Karl C.

Wow...honestly it was less than 10 mins since I pressed the order button, to when you shipped my order and I received my shipping notice and tracking number in my e-mail box.  My order arrived ahead of schedule and was professionally packed with a detailed invoice and business card.  You have definitely won my repeat business.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the very quick turnaround on my small order.  I can't remember an online purchase that was shipped so quickly.  Great work!
-- Pete

Customer for many years, and 1/3 of the price the marina charges for zincs.  Thanks again for the great, fast service!
-- Jeff H., NJ

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Can't tell you how much I appreciated your time and expertise yesterday on the phone.  You have a fantastic business model going and I will recommend you to fellow recreational & commercial boat owners.  Zincs were here UPS 24 hours later!
-- Capt. Pete

I wish all marine service companies were as professional and competent as you!

Your company is the best!  My boat seems to eat zincs and your pricing and ease of order/delivery is awesome!  Thanks!
-- Donna H., FL

I am a highly satisfied customer with recent order and first experience with you folks.   You are what a business should be.  Fast, friendly and informative, even to the point of reducing my shipping bill.  I thank you all there for a pleasant experience and look forward in the future with doing business again with you.
-- D. S.

I received the anodes today ordered this week.  Thanks for answering my call on a Sunday so I could make revisions to my order.  I appreciate your excellent customer service!
-- Mike, NY

Hey!  Great service and a great product.  Ordered the zincs on Sunday afternon and they arrived at my door Tuesday morning!  The zincs were a perfect fit, no trimming, bending, or twisting to make them fit!  Great job!  When ordering from the Internet, you never know what you're going to get.  I am very impressed with the whole procedure and will be a repeat customer, guaranteed!  Thank you.
-- Ed K.

If every business in the US ran like BoatZincs, we would rule the world!  The right product, the price price, delivered accurately and on time.  Thank you!
-- Rena M, MA

As if there's anything else that I can say that's not already been said.  I have been using for several years.  Never a missed order. Always right, always on time, and always the best deal around.

-- Alex

Oh, please don't ever change.  You folks understand that not all boaters are millionares, and that some of us do all our own work and struggle to find good parts at a good price.  The only way we can do what we love is because of companies like yours.  Please keep up the great work.
-- Francis H., NJ

Delivery to Australia took just 12 days.  Thank you for the prompt and helpful service.
-- Jeff Morris, Melbourne, AU

Received my order in 3 days and could not be happier with delivery time or pricing.  I have recommended your company to as many of my boating friends as would listen, would not even think of buying my zincs anywhere else.  Totally satisfied.
-- Ben

Great prices & fast delivery.  What more can you ask for???
-- Jim L., OR

First time order.  Great service.  You had what we needed.  The price was right.  The service was fantastic.  You saved my butt.
-- Tiny S., Gary, IN

All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Price was great but the service was even better.  After an honest mistake of shipping the wrong zinc, you guys responded to my e-mail within minutes to apologize for the mistake and to let me know the correct zinc was being sent in the mail the following day.  I could not be happier.  Their service is a sign of a truly good company.  I wish you well and will tell my friends.
-- Rick B., WA

Mistakes like this are rare as we have multiple staff members check all orders for accuracy and completeness before they ship.  We fell down here.

Very impressive.  I placed my order on a Monday morning and received it the following day.  The prices cannot be beat by anyone.  This is a company that really cares about it's customers, which is very rare in the current times.  Thank you for your great service.
-- Russ R.

Thank you, Zincs are fantastic.  The fastest shipping I have ever seen.  Thanks again.
-- Ron

The service is awesome and shipping was absolutely my stuff packed nicely...install it and just in time to get my baby (boat) to launch probably today!!!!
-- Jose

Placed just a small order of twenty dollars but was treated like a million dollar customer.  Shipping was great and the product was delivered on the day you stated it would be. "Thank You" for the great customer service.  You have a return customer, and I will be telling all my boating friends about your great service.
-- Dave P., AZ

I placed my order yesterday around noon.  Came home from work at 4:00 today and it was sitting on my front porch.  You must have shipped it on the space shuttle.  Great customer service & prices.  You have a customer for life & I’m going to tell all of my boating friends about you.  Do you think that in your spare time you could run this country as well as you run your business?
-- Steve G., NJ

As always it is a pleasure to do business with you.  When I order my zinc's I know spring is only around the corner.
-- Bob M., NY

Every season great fast prompt service.  Very reasonable prices.  Very nice to do business with.  Thanks.
-- Bob, CT

Thanks for providing both great selection and prices.  I have frequently recommended this site to friends.
-- John S., CT

Unbelievable!!!  What great customer service.  I placed my order Monday night and the entire order showed up Wednesday morning.  Not only are your prices good but your customer service is excellent.  Why can't other companies operate the way you do?  Oh, my order was also for another boater.  When I called him he too could not believe it.  You have two new customers for all our zinc needs.
-- Captain Manny, RI

Received today the zincs I ordered Sunday.  Thank you so very much, you guys are a true friend to the boating world.
-- James A., CA

Thank you, my order arrived today.  Brilliant service that I will recommend to others here in NZ.
-- Bruce M., Whangarei, New Zealand

I can't believe how well and quickly you filled my humble little order.  Good job!  Count me a happy customer, and be sure I'll spread the word.  Many thanks.
-- John M., ME

Thanks for answering my email query.  I had also written to one of your competitors but only you answered.  Here's my order.
-- Gene, Lopez Island, WA

Gene, it's our policy to promptly respond to all email and telephone calls.  We appreciate your business!

I just wanted to say thanks for the fast and accurate order I received today.  This was not my first order with you, but I have each time been amazed and pleased with your service, prices and detailed handling of my orders.  By the way, is recommended in my new book THE MAINTENANCE DIVER'S HANDBOOK, A Guide to Underwater Marine Maintenance.  Thanks again.
-- J.J., FL

This is the third year I have done business with you.  I placed an order with you on Monday and received the package Tuesday.  I wanted to recognize your organization on two fronts.  First and foremost is related to your highly competitive pricing.  I save about 50% by using your service over ordering through the yard.  This equates to about $70, which is quite handy to a cash strapped boater.  Secondly, I'd like to express my appreciation for the extremely quick shipping and handling activities.  Order on Monday and receive on Tuesday is a model that all distribution facilities should adopt as a business practice.  Hats off to  Please express my appreciation to your sales and shipping staff.  I hope this letter and others like it hang on the wall in both departments.  What a great organization.  I will share my positive experience with at least ten people!
-- George A., CT

Just wanted to pass my regards to all your sales staff and organization.   I ordered zincs for my boat on Saturday evening, received shipping confirmation Monday morning, and received my order on Tuesday afternoon.  I installed my zincs today and they fit perfectly.  Thanks for the great customer service....well done.  I've found my new supplier, and I will certainly pass along your info to all of my boating associates.  Thanks again.
-- Paul F., RI

Thanks very much for your excellent service.  I will recommend you.  Thanks again.
-- Brian G., Malta, EU

Thanks for the great service and professional advice!
-- Karen M., NY

Your prices and service put others to shame! Thanks for making this part of spring commissioning straight forward and affordable.
-- Dan C., MD

Dear, once again your customer service has amazed me.  I ordered my new zincs yesterday and they showed up at my door in the next afternoon.  I just wanted to thank you for your consistant excellent customer service once again this year.  You can count on me being a repeat customer, and I tell all my boat friends about your company.  I hope it has generated some extra business for you.
-- Lee B., RI

Easy to use website - index to left with drop downs makes it very easy to find any style/ size - nice design !!  Appreciate the mil spec being provided.
-- Ken K., MD

Order received next day ... WOW!  I just wanted to express my thanks for fast shipping and a trouble free experience.  Procrastinators rejoice.
-- Frank C.

Last November I bought two Reliance X-7H zincs for my boat.  I talked with someone out there and felt pretty comfortable that after loosing the last zincs, your zincs would be much better.  This past weekend I installed your zincs on my 43' Crusiers Yacht - on the prop shafts (it is an inboard).  The installation was extremely easy!  After I had put both on the shafts I really felt they were a great deal and would stay put!  I have passed your company's name along to a few other boaters because of this experience.  Hope that generates some more sales.  Thanks!
-- Larry T., CT

Lighting fast, extremely professional and helpful....what more could you want!
-- Jim D., CT

Thank you for a very timely response.  Your company is great to deal with!
-- Barry Z.

Order received, great products, great prices.
-- Rich

I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you for the great service.  This is the second time I have purchased magnesium anodes for my 10 year old Bravo III outdrives and once again you surpassed my expectations for ease of shopping and value.  Not only did I receive the anodes in less than a week, but the price was less than 1/2 of what I was quoted from my local dealer.  Thanks again, for surpassing my expectations.  It is good to know there are still companies out there that truly believe in exemplary customer service.
-- Lee J., WI

I have been buying and installing zincs on my various Mercruiser I/O drives since 2000.  You guys are the best, by far.  Always in stock, quick ontime delivery, and (best of all) customer service that makes sure I get the right zincs.
-- Tom S., MA

To everyone who took part in the processing of my order I just want to say thank you!  Your customer service, prices, packaging and shipping are all outstanding!  Oh yeah, the anodes are nice too!  Thank you very much, and have a great New Year!  P.S. I will most definitely recommend to all my fellow boat owners!  Sincerely,
-- Brian D., Longs, SC

One of the easiest websites I have seen.
-- John M., MA

Bob is great!  He helped me get the correct anodes on my sterndrives -- going above and beyond!  It is so refreshing in the marine industry to have a company care so much about quality and customer service.

Knew I needed zincs for engine but did not know part numbers.  Made phone call, gentleman took my call, very knowledgeable about my engine, told me what I needed.  I ordered set and a spare set.  They arrived as promised, I installed them and think is awesome.
-- Will G.

Received the order.  Impressed with fast shipping, packing.  Thanks!
-- Colin P., Everett, WA

Just letting you know that I got my package today........and it was a day early!!!!  Thank you for being so quick to ship it out.  You'll definitely be the company I order from in the future.  Have a great day.
-- Robert W., HI

The second delivery arrived in good order, thanks.
-- Feferoni, Sweden

Your products and service is unmatched.  You have made my job so much easier.  Thank you.
-- Sally S.

I just received my recent order and wanted to thank you for the prompt response and service.  Not all internet vendors come through as promised but you folks certainly did.  I will certainly recommend you to my boating friends.
-- Bill A.

Incredible prices and the best service.  Can't believe how fast they came!!!
-- Ken G.

Best service ever! Ordered on Friday received order on Monday.  You have my business and I told my friends.
-- Anonymous

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome service.  This is the second time in a couple years I purchased from you and the price and service were great both times.
-- Bob

Thank you very much for saving me some money on the shipping.  I truly appreciate that and will let all my boating friends know about the great service at
-- Don R., AK

My order was received within two days of placing it.  What a pleasure doing business with a reliable Co.  Great feedback, Great prices, and super fast service.  I always got my Zincs at local marinas, but I am happy to say those days are over.  You have another new customer, and I will certainly recommend your Company to my boating buddies.  Thanks again.
-- Wally

I am a Buyer for GE Aircraft Engines, and what terrific, prompt and courteous service you give your customers.  The rest of the country could learn from you.  I received my zincs the following day after ordering.  I used to buy from XXXXXX, but they only stock one (1) unit at a time.  I have twin Bravo III's and had to return to the store after they re-ordered, and your prices are half of what they charge.  Your business card is mounted on the bulletin board of my yacht club (350 members).  Thank you!
-- Anonymous

Absolutely the Gold Standard of customer service.  My sincere appreciation to Bob and Maryanne for their help and information in a professional manner, presented family style.  I will be life customer.
-- Bob G.

Wow!  You folks are fantastic.  My order arrived today and it was exactly as requested.  I was pleasantly surprised that the package arrived so quickly since I only placed the on-line order late Thursday night and the zincs arrived on Monday morning.  I will highly recommend your company to any and all boaters I come in contact with and will return as a customer next time I need zincs for certain.  Thank you!
-- Fred G., Bowie, MD

Thanks for the quick service.  I placed my order yesterday morning and my zincs arrived this afternoon.  Thanks.
-- Freeland G.

I couldn't believe I got my order of zinc's in ONE DAY(ups)!  I'm year I'm buying from
-- Joe, NY

Just wanted to send you a big THANK-YOU for your help in delivering the anodes yesterday as promised.  I went down to the boat first thing this morning and was able to install them successfully.  I'll definitely be using and recommending in the future!!!
-- Marc R., Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your great service.  I can think of many companies that could learn a lot from your exceptional model.  It is a real pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks again.
-- Keith W.

Excellent products and quick service.
-- Anonymous

As always I am impressed with the accuracy and efficiency of your operation.  Thank you for processing my order so quickly and getting me the zincs I need!
-- Joss W


You guys are outstanding!!!!  GREAT Service.  Order them today and receive them tomorrow.  Nice knowing someone really does care about their customers.  Your web site is very user friendly.  I've passed on my experience to all our Yacht Club Members.  See (sea) ya next year.
-- George M.

Your service is great.
-- Willy, Ecuador

Just a quick note of thanks.  I received my zincs within 24 hours of ordering and they were of great quality fitting the boat perfectly.  I only wish I had started using you years ago!
-- Ray C.

Thanks for the quick turn-around.  I'll pass your company to others in my boat club.
-- Bob H., NY

The zincs were received Monday.  Great service.
-- Dave Z.

Received my zincs this afternoon, had ordered them Monday at 1:00 pm and they arrived by UPS around noon time Tuesday.  Thank you, that was fast.
-- Camarro

Just wanted to thank you for delivering my items a few hours after I placed the order. Your prices are as great as your service that's why we are repeat customers. Your web site makes ordering a breeze.
-- Patricia B.

I just received my 2 E-0 and 2 E-1 Crusader engine zincs -- including shipping they where half the price as my 'discount supplier' (LOL).  I have used you in the past and your prices and quality cannot be topped.
-- Al H.

Thanks for best prices, fast service, great product, always there.  I will be back every time.  Thanks again.
-- Bob

Very happy customer, this is the 4th year that I have bought from your company, still great prices and fast service.
-- Milt

Thanks again for the great service!
-- Paul B.

Thank you for always being so efficient and quick.  It's a pleasure doing business with you!
-- Cindy B.

I'm back because its great doing business with you folks.
-- Hugh B., BC, Canada

Thank you for your timely response.  I appreciate your assistance with this order.  I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.  I will recommend your services to my friends and associates.  Again, thank you,
-- Tim T.

I heard that you folks were good, but I didn't think that good!  I ordered my zincs a little after noon yesterday and immediately received an order confirmation via email.  Less than two hours later I received a shipment confirmation.  The zincs arrived today in a little less than 24 hours.  Great prices and excellent service.  How can you beat that!  Thanks!
-- Tim, Gloucester, MA

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Order received within 24 hours of my ordering.  That's what I call great service.  Will tell my friends.
-- Bob F.

Thank you again for your great work you are the BEST.
-- Tim from Brewers

11th year of salt water boating.  Used to purchase my zincs from the marina, NO MORE!!  Prices are about half, yes half at!  Top quality, no tax and fast shipping.  Thanks!
-- Kevin E.

Love you...Thanks for saving me.
-- CJ, OH,/

My zincs arrived this morning.  You guys are terrific.  Your service is exceptional.  Thank you.
-- Richard L.

Thank you for your great service.  I ordered the zincs on Tuesday and they were here at 10 the next day.  Again thank you.
-- Tim S.

Outstanding service and prices!  I received my order today, after placing it Sunday.  Thanks!
-- John S.

Unbelieveable!  I placed my order around 4:15 on Tuesday.  My complete order was on my doorstep in PA Thursday afternoon when I arrived home from work.  Price was excellent too!  Why doesn't everything work this way???
-- Ed, PA

Great price and real fast shipping.  If you are ever in the Ophella, VA, stop by for oysters.
-- BP

Very informative and outstanding website.
-- HH, GA

Unbelievable service and packaging!  I just ordered the zincs Wednesday afternoon, and were delivered here Thursday afternoon.  I am extremely pleased with this transaction and will inform many people of what you offer.  Thank you ever so much!!!!!!!
-- Capt. Bruce B.

Very easy to shop and navigate, thanks.
-- SC, NJ

To maintain our reputation for quality, each quarter our suppliers are subject to a performance rating.  This past quarter your company’s Supplier Performance Rating was 100, the highest possible score.
-- GB, Dir, Supply Chain Management

I appreciate your reasonable prices and fast service.  I am glad I finally found an excellent "one-stop-shop" for zinc anodes,
-- Eldon B.

Thanks for the prompt order.  You all collectively rock!  Thanks again.
-- Adrian, CA

Thank you for your prompt complete shipment of my order.
-- RI

Ordered at 2 PM with UPS at my door the next day.  Great prices, also.
-- Mark D., MA

Excellent service and fast shipping.  I am very happy and will be buying my zincs from you from now on.  Thank you!
-- NY

Send me some Business Cards... I'll be glad to pass them out to a lot of boaters who are hands on.... and look to save bucks on maintenance items... a 30 second order confirmation by email, now that Tops anyone.  ThanX Boat
-- Tom, PA

Thank you for such great service & prices!  I can't tell you how impressed I am with your company.  I'm telling everyone I know about you.
-- Richard A.

I just received my first order.  I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy of your company.  I will recommend you to my other boating friends.  I received my order yesterday along with your card and "Our Thanks" letter.  Thank you for some really great service and quick response on questions that I had.  Keep up the good work.
-- Pete C.

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Always been happy with your products and service.
-- John W.

Great service and quick shipping.  I will re-order from you often and pass along your name to other captains Keep up the great service!!
-- Captain Pete, Pompano Beach, FL

Order received.  Thank you for your excellent customer care.
-- S.R.

Best prices & fastest service, telling all my boating friends about you!
-- Jim G., Avenel, NJ

Your service has been wonderful.  In addition to me buying from you, I've been spreading the word about your site.
-- Ken B.

One day last week, I left work in search of 3 zinc anodes.  After visiting four stores that specialize in marine products, I returned with just one.  I came back to work (two hours later), found your web site and ordered the remaining two.  They were delivered yesterday and are now installed.  I wish I had searched for you prior to spending two hours of my time and $14.85 in fuel costs.
-- John W.

I can't believe the great service, selection and price.  I placed my order Monday morning and received it Wednesday.  I was so pleased 4 neighbors just placed orders.  Keep up the good work.
-- Rick G., Stuart, FL

You guys sure are a pleasure to do business with.
-- Jim H.

Simply the best of everything -- service, price and quality.
-- Mike, Exeter, NH

Pleasantly surprised...
-- Capt Paul

Am very pleased with my order and the promptness of delivery.  Do have one small concern however.  Prior to installing any engine zincs I have to remove your bar code label and they aren't easy to get off.  Normally I have to put the zinc onto the bolt and then twist the zinc against a pair of pliers to remove it.  Do you all consider the paper is simply going to dissolve and not cause any blockage?
-- Mike G., Palm Coast, FL

We agree, Mike! Click here to find out what we're doing to about it.

Am very pleased to have found your web-site.  I placed my order Wednesday morning and it arrived at the house Thursday afternoon.  Thank you BoatZincs and thank you Maryanne, Customer Service Rep.
-- Dan M.

Thanks for the great service and prices.   I've sent a link to your site to all my boat friends.  Wishing you all a great boating season!!
-- Bill B.


You have a very easy website to purchase items from.  Hats off to the people that designed it.  Thanks.
-- Daniel F.


Wow!  I ordered my zincs from you last Thursday and this morning (Monday) they were at my front door!  Great prices and great service!  I'll certainly spread the word at our yacht club!  Thanks to Maryanne for the personalized thank you letter!
-- Frank D.


Received the package yesterday.  One day shipping, at a reasonable cost, combined with you outstanding prices, no wonder everyone on our dock buys from you.  It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I'm sure I'll contact you again next spring.
-- Jon S.


I place my order at your Internet site Monday night.  I received the complete order Wednesday morning.  That was fast.  Thank you.
-- Jim V.


Thanks for the fast service, surprised they came that fast .. PS: zincs are mounted already and fit nice ...
-- Bill B.


Easy to use site, fast, no-cost shipping, and the product is less $$ than in the stores around here.  Thank you - great service ...
-- Peter B.


I received my order @ 2:30 yesterday, less than 24 hours after I ordered it.  That is unbelievable.  Thank you.
-- Cliff P.

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Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed doing business with you and that I have referred you to other Charter Boat Captains.   Really good quality products were received.   Thank You.
-- Captain Ron K.


Got'em and thanks for the quick shipment.  My boat launched just minutes after UPS arrived this morning.  I kept telling the lift operator "Trust me, the zincs are coming."  Everybody was impressed, especially me.  More than just a boat was in that sling :-)
-- Tyler H., Brooklyn NY

I was very happy with the order (2 seasons of zincs) I placed and the quality, prompt delivery and pricing of your product.
-- Ron D.

Thank you for your great deal on zincs.  Nobody can match your prices -- I have recommended you to all my friends and club members in our flotilla and boat club.  Some have already ordered from you but you will be getting more as I have been telling everybody now as they start to get there boats ready here in Mass.  Well thanks again for a great product and price.  Keep it up.  AAAA+++++
-- Dan D., New Bedford, MA

I used this company for the first time and I was really please.  I received my order in 24 hrs.  I saved a lots of money at the same time.  My overall experience was excellent.
-- Anonymous

Found out about you at the Newport Boat Show.  Thanks for showing up.  Greatly appreciate your service....people like you keep me in boating.
-- Arthur S.

I told all the guys on my dock about your website.  I am sure you will be getting more orders from them.  Thanx in advance.
-- Ed R.

I launched my boat yesterday.  All is fine and I do appreciate the great service on the zincs.   I’ll be sure to tell my fellow boaters where to get the best deal on zincs.  Thank you.
-- Jack S.

Wow, I was really surprised to receive my boat zincs today after ordering them yesterday.  That's what I call fast service.   On top of that I paid a little half of what I would have paid going to a marine store.  Many thanks for the service.  You can be sure I will be ordering again next year.
-- Anonymous

Received them today and they look great.  Thanks for the opportunity to do business with you AND to save while doing it!!!!
-- Don S., Lower Gwynedd, PA

Looks like a great website!  Thanks for sending the post card informing me about your products/prices.  I passed along to 52 of our Yacht Club members.
-- Bill


Your service is incredible.  Within minutes of my online order, I received confirmation and a UPS tracking number shipped the same day.  Received my order in 2-days.  Very pleased with the quality of my items.  I will highly recommend you to all my boating friends.   Thanks again,
-- Fred M.

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I was very pleased with your products and service last year.  I will continue to be a repeat customer and refer all my friends to your company.  Your prices are great and I am very pleased with the quality of your products.  Thank you.
-- Lee B.


WOW!!!  Ordered Friday, shipped within one hour and received Monday.  Color me satisfied!
-- Wayne H.

I thought I'd let you know I received my part, on time, it fit perfect, and works just like it is supposed to.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
-- Charles L., Prairieville, LA, Satisfied Customer.

Hello!  We ordered a few items from you.  We are very pleased with your service.  I recommend your company to all my boating pals.  You guys are always on time with all your products, please keep up your excellent service.  Will be in touch soon.  Thank You!
-- Sean F.


I would like to commend your company for excellent service.  My order was filled and received within 3 days.   Shipping charges are nominal compared to other companies I have ordered from and I will highly recommend you to other members at my marina who might need your products.
-- Everett H., Edgewood, MD


First purchase.  Very rapid response.  Easy-to-use page.  Painless.  Will recommend you to my friends.
-- Westbrook, CT


As a marine surveyor I am impressed with the quality of your anodes and the speed of delivery.  A number of manufacturers are moving away from the recessed dimple on their shaft anodes.  I am pleased to see you have not done that.  Keep up the high standards!
-- Neil B., Woolwich, NJ


Thank you for the super fast service and the excellent prices.  I have sent your web site address to all of my boating friends, mostly charter boat operators, who go through a ton of zincs every year.
-- Jim J.


I purchased my max prop zinc from you at the end of the season and have recommended your site to everyone at the marina.  Good price and service!
-- Steve H., Staten Island, NY


Zincs arrived today...Not bad, 9 Days to Australia (Given XMAS traffic).   Takes me 4-5 Days from Sydney 300 miles away!  Thanks.
-- Barry S.


I have now received the Zn anodes, and have them mounted in the brass plugs.  Great service from you.  I will come back next time I need new ones.  Other Yanmar ovners here in Norway will also hear about you.
-- Geir E., Norway


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You guys are the Wal-Mart of zinc anodes!
-- Pete P.


Excellent service.  Pleasure to talk with Maryanne on phone.  She apparently remembered me from last year -- remarkable.
-- Bob S.


I ordered zincs for my boat and in 25 hours I had the zincs.  I will tell my friends and I will buy all my zincs from you.
-- Milton R.


Great product and service!  Happy Holidays.
-- Brian M.

Pleased as punch with site/service, etc...  Keep up the good work.   Happy Holidays
-- Jo S.

Thanks Maryanne.  I appreciate the prompt and excellent service.
-- Mike P.

Your website, products, and service are all great, I could not believe I got my zincs so fast.  Thanks.
-- John

I was launching my boat in two days and had forgot about my zincs.  The local marine store did not have what I needed but BoatZincs did.  After placing my order on-line, I was able to pick it up in Sudbury, and installed the zincs just before launching.  BoatZincs has great service and I will recommend you to my friends.
-- Pete S.


I was amazed, ordered my zincs Monday morning, received them on Tuesday afternoon.  The price is right and the service is great.
-- Manfred R.


Just a great big thanks.  I ordered my zincs Tuesday, late afternoon and they arrived early today.  Never expected them that fast.  Again, thanks.
-- Ralph R. made our day!  Thanks; great service and a great deal.   What a find!  We will pass the word at our marina.
-- Anonymous


Used your service for the fist time.  Received my zincs the next day and the cost with shipping was nearly half of what it would have cost me at my local marine discount store.  I can't imagine why I would ever buy zincs anywhere else.
-- Nick D.


This year is my first time with BoatZincs and I am very happy.  Your company has the quickest response time I have ever seen.  I will continue to do business with you and STRONGLY recommend BoatZincs to my friends.  Once again THANK YOU.
-- Paul S.


I just received the order that I ordered from you and I am very pleased with it.  I am in a 170-boat yacht club and I am going to post [your information] on the bulletin board about you.   Thanks again for the good service.
-- Dick H.


Your turn-around service is just unbelievable.  It only took two days to get my shipment.  And your prices are the lowest around.  I intend to do my business with you for a long time.
-- Rhode Island Customer


Returning customer due to great prices and exceptional service.
-- Keith

Your zincs arrived, and are just what I was looking for.  The dimensions of the zincs on your web site was helpful in my selection of the correct part number.
-- Terry C.

WHAT A GREAT COMPANY!!!  Fast service and they saved me money on my shipping charges.  I will tell everyone I know.
-- Matt

Just a quick note to let you know how extremely pleased we are with your service.  My husband never, and I mean never, orders something just because he got a postcard.  However, another person whose boat is dry docked close to ours mentioned that he did respond to your postcard, was thrilled with the express delivery and mentioned that there was even hand writing on the order.  Yeah, right!  Based on his satisfaction my husband decided to go ahead and order, what did he have to lose?  Needless to say we greatly appreciated the email informing us that our zincs were shipped and the shipping number and they came in two days!!  Although we are thrilled with the quality of your zinc product I must admit that the biggest "plus" for your company is the hand written correspondence!!!  It was not computer generated to look like handwriting, it was handwriting!  So be sure that those staff members that are responsible for that particular part of our order gets a big "thank you" for the extra mile.  Will we be buying zincs from anywhere else in the future?  You've got to be kidding!!
-- Gary & Nancy R., PA


I've ordered zincs from you in the recent past and have been extremely satisfied, not only with the product, but your customer service.
-- Ben D.


I am a returning happy customer and thank you for your service.
-- Gerard P., Fort Lauderdale, FL


You folks have a great web site and I am most pleased with both transactions I have had with you.  You have a great selection, great prices and very reasonable, very quick shipping.  Thank you very much.
-- Dave S.


Excellent transaction.  Zincs for my 2005 Bravo 3 and my Brother's Alpha One were very easy to identify, priced right, shipped extremely quickly, and arrived in great shape.  I plan on coming back to get them here each season.  Thanks very much!
-- Steve M.


I can't tell you how surprised I was yesterday when the UPS truck delivered my order.  I placed the order Sunday and fully expected it would take a week or more.   Not only are your prices great -- I know from extensive price checking -- but your service is first rate.  I will be sure to reorder from BoatZincs in the future.  I am also telling my boating friends.  Thanks again,
-- Richard K.


WOW!  What great service, great price, very reasonable shipping costs.  I saved over $100.00 over [retail store] prices.   Thanks.  I will tell all my boating friends and family here on Long Island.
-- Happy Customer, Long Island, NY


Thanks, I was most happy with the prompt way you processed my order.  The prices were just great, nearly fifty percent less than any other source I could have tried and the time of delivery was also great.  I also appreciated the fact that you had the two items required for my outdrive as a single item in your catalog.  I will definitely recommend you to my boating friends.
-- James R.


Great service !!!  It's nice to be able to buy online for a savings and quality materials.  Ordered on Tuesday in the pm, received the shipment on Thursday at home after work.  Keep up the great service.
-- Kevin


I received the zinc anode that I ordered on time, great job; I will order from you again.  Thanks for the great service.
-- Larry R.


This is my 2nd year buying zincs from you and I will continue to do so.  I am very satisfied with the products and especially with the speedy shipping.  With the "high" cost of boating it's great to know we (boaters) can save some money going through you.  Your service is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
-- Steve V.


Just wanted to thank you once again for the speedy delivery of my zincs.  Your company really has it together.  Prices are great, products shipped out quickly, what more could a repeat customer ask for.  Keep up the great work.  I have referred you to many of my boating friends and hope they were smart enough to check your company out.  Looking forward to doing business with you again next year.
-- Lee B.


I have received the order.  Thanks for the quick delivery.  Everything looked good.
-- Mark M.


Hi Folks -- Order received and I thank you for your prompt service.  I wish more companies ran with the efficiency and attitude you people have.  Keep up the good work!!!!
-- Donald


Just a quick line to let you know I will be telling all my boating buddies about your site.  Besides getting my anodes to me very quickly, you also saved me a lot of money.  Great job!!!!  Keep up the good work.  Thanks.
-- Dave A.


I just wanted to say thanks great, fast service.  I will be back again.
-- Bob

You guys just saved me a lot of money, and I found your web site easy to shop with.  I placed my order at 3:50 PM yesterday and less than a minute later I received in an email confirming my order.  Then, before I even got up from my computer, I received another email telling me my order had SHIPPED.  Yah, right.  I was skeptical until 2:15 PM today when UPS delivered my zincs!  That was amazingly quick and easy -- so easy even a caveman can do it.
-- Tom G.

I received my complete order in a very short time.  I will recommend you to all my boating friends.  Ordered zincs for my Bravo 3 on March 6 and received on March 7.  No sales tax and no shipping costs.  No complaints from this kid -- only recommendations to others.  Thanks for your fine service.
-- Jerry R.


Great service!  I was floored by your rapid response to my order.  How did it get here in one day??  I am a member of the Great Kills Yacht Club here on Staten Island with 151 members.  I will put your business card and letter on our bulletin board later today.  Thank you again.
-- Tom D.


I received my order today, the service was fast and the package was packed securely.  I have ordered from your company for 3 years and the service is just as good and fast as before, once again a happy costumer.
-- Capt. Milton


Your web site is the best I have come across for boat parts.  The delivery time was beyond expectations except that UPS didn't deliver it to my house.  They delivered it 6 blocks away to another house.  I would not hesitate to order from you again.  Thank you for the prompt service.
-- barrygonefishing


Second year now ordering zincs from you.  Received promptly again, and certainly will shop no place else in the future.  Gave your website to a boat yard that I use in Cortez, Florida.  Just installed hull & engine zincs.  Started in Fairfield, CT & carried over to the Gulf Coast.
-- Joe A.


I received my order to day, thank you for the fast service, I have ordered from your company before and I would like to say you have me as a regular customer.  I would not order from any other company.  Thank you.
-- miltsmilin 

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Thanks for the great service you have.  I will refer you to all boaters I know.  Thanks again for such fast service.
-- Bob N.


First time buyer -- very satisfied.  Older Volvo Penta zincs getting hard to find.  Will be back next year for sure.
-- M. P., NJ


You folks are the best!   My zincs were delivered to me within 26 hours of my order.  How do you do that?  I will be recommending you to every boater I know.  Keep up the great work.
-- Michael M.

I heard about your company from another one of your satisfied customers.  I own and operate a small business since 1981.  Not the biggest, just the best.  I hope we come across as professional as you guys do.  Pleasure doing business with you.  I don`t know where I have ever had anything ever shipped so fast, incredible!  Keep up the good work!  I`ll highly recommend you to all my associates.  Thanks!
-- Bill C., RI

I order a lot of zinc for my business and they [] always have them in stock, and very quick on shipping.
-- Jays Bottom Cleaning


This company is incredible!  I went diving on Sunday with locally bought zincs because I knew I'd be replacing some.  Before I went out, I found and was amazed at the price and the free shipping over $100.  I was apprehensive because the shaft zincs were gone and I had no idea how long it would take to deliver.  I took the chance and ordered Sunday night and took the store bought ones back on Monday.  On Wednesday, I received an email from USPS that a package had been delivered and, wala... it was on the front porch!  The zincs are now happily installed on the boat. is the ONLY place to buy zincs!!  Thank you for your incredibly quick turnaround and shipping.  My boat very much appreciates it.
-- Anonymous

Thanks for the quick delivery, always a pleasure doing business with you!
-- Glen D.

Received the trim tab anode for my Merc today and have it installed, now back to fishing.  I am happy I came across your site.  I had ordered the trim tab through a Merc dealer in Duluth, after a two week wait they sent the wrong part.  I wasn't going to screw around with them messing up again and making for another delay in getting my boat back on the water.  Your service was very prompt and the cost was much less then going through the Merc dealer.  So again I thank you...
-- Denny R.

I own a 1992 Chris Craft with twin cobra stern dives.  Your company, one of the very few, can provide all the zinc anodes I need for my boat.  You have an extremely extensive inventory, great pricing and wonderful service.  I just made my second order yesterday and for the second time running I received my shipment the very next day!  I will continue to use your great company and tell all my boating friends about your products and service.
-- Donald Z.


The fact that you have a unique product line and specialize in a narrow area is noteworthy.  However, what impressed me was the ease of access to superb technical advice and consulting on the application of the products.  Keep up the great focus and great work!
-- Bill R., owner of 2 large steel boats


Good show.  Fast service at a decent price!  Good stock to pick from.  You good people are doing fine!  As a new boater, my order of new zincs arrived promptly.  So glad I found you on the Internet.  By phone everyone was courteous and so helpful.  I'll be a customer for life and I've already recommended you to all my boating friends.  You're the best.!
-- Bernice G.


Thank you very much, they got here today...  I will have them installed this weekend.  I will be buying my zincs from you guy's from now on....  Thanks again for such great service...
-- John O., FL


Great website, low price, fast service, personable handwritten thank you, it's like shopping in the 1950's but no legwork... I'll spread the word!
-- Paul Y.


You have a very easy website to purchase items from.  Hats off to the people that designed it.  Thanks.
-- Daniel F.

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