Yamaha Outboard Magnesium Anodes

The following Mil-Spec magnesium anodes are designed to provide superior corrosion protection for Yamaha outboards operating in fresh water only.  They are the strongest anodes available and should not be used in salt or brackish water.


Fresh Water Use Only

Part Number Variations: 61A-45371-00M, 61A4537100M, CM61A4537100ZM, 6E0-45251-11M, 6E04525111M, CM6E04525111M, 6E5-45371-01M, 6E54537101M, CM6E54537101M, 6G5-45251-01M, 6G54525101M, CM6G54525101M, 6H1-45251-02M, 6H14525102M, CM6H14525102M, 6J9-45371-01M, 6J94537101M, CM6J94537101M, 6K1-45371-00M, 6K14537100M, 6K145371M, CM6K14537100M, 6K1-45371-02M, 6K14537102M, CM6K14537102M, SCRM1045SF, Yamaha Bolt, 67F-45371-00, 67F4537100, 67F-45371-00-00, 67F453710000,CAM 67F4537100, 70-67F4537100, CAM-67F4537100, 01140MG, CM67F4537100Z