Johnson / Evinrude Outboard Magnesium Anodes

The following Mil-Spec magnesium anodes are designed to provide superior corrosion protection for Johnson/Evinrude outboards operating in fresh water only.  They are the strongest anodes available and should not be used in salt or brackish water.


Fresh Water Use Only

Part Number Variations: 123009M, CM123009M, 00912MG, 18-6017M, 18-6100M, 433458M, 398331M, CM398331M, 00910MG, 18-6025M, 436745M, 436745MG, CM436745M, 393023M, CM393023M, 00907MG, 18-6024M, 327606M, CM327606M, 00940MG, 18-6018M, 5007089M, CM5007089M, JE5007089M, 00918MG, CM5008813M, 431708M, CM431708M, 00917MG, 18-6095M, 367M, CM367M, 00900MG, 18-6020M, 397768M, 397768MG, CM397768M, CMETECG2KITM