Propeller Nut Magnesium Anodes

Propeller Anodes made of Mil-Spec Magnesium Alloy.

  • Highly active corrosion protection.
  • Superb self-cleaning performance.
  • Will not passivate in fresh water.
Highly recommended for vessels that operate in fresh water only.

Fresh Water Use Only

Part Number Variations: CMPNMA, 628309113575, CMPNMB, 628309113582, CMPNMC, 628309113599, CMPNMD, 628309113605, CMPNME, 628309113612, CMPNMF, 628309113629, CMPNMG, 628309113636, CMPNMH, 628309113643, CMPNAM, CMPNBM, CMPNCM, CMPNDM, CMPNEM, CMPNFM, CMPNGM, CMPNHM, PropNut-A-Magnesium, PropNut-B-Magnesium, PropNut-C-Magnesium, PropNut-D-Magnesium, PropNut-E-Magnesium, PropNut-F-Magnesium, PropNut-G-Magnesium, PropNut-H-Magnesium, PropNutAMagnesium, PropNutBMagnesium, PropNutCMagnesium, PropNutDMagnesium, PropNutEMagnesium, PropNutFMagnesium, PropNutGMagnesium, PropNutHMagnesium

Prop Nut Anodes