Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy

Bennett Trim Tab Zinc Anode Kit (BNT-1)

  • Anodes mount to existing holes in trim tabs. The kit includes: two (2) anodes and four (4) stainless steel mounting screws. These are priced and used per pair with the screws included. Designed to mount on Bennett Trim Tabs where the actuator mounts to the plane.
  • The screws holding the actuator to the plane must be removed and the zinc installed using the same screw holes and with the long screws (1/4-20 x 1-1/4”) included in the kit.
  • Anodes measure 3-3/4" L x 1- 1/8" W x 1/2" H. Mounting holes are 1-1/2” center-to-center.

Part Number Variations: Bennett, BNT-1, 836758003853, BNT1, CAM BNT1, CMBNT1AKITZ, 628309124748, CMBNT1AZ, KIT-TEC-BT, 8052744981888

Bennett Trim Tabs