Yamaha Outboard Aluminum Anodes

These Mil-Spec aluminum anodes provide excellent corrosion protection of Yamaha outboards in salt and brackish water.

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Part Number Variations: 61A-45371-00A, 61A4537100A, CM61A4537100ZA, 61N-45251-01A, 61N4525101A, CM61N4525101A, 664-45371-01A, 6644537101A, CM6644537101A, 688-45371-02A, 6884537102A, CM6884537102A, 69L-45371-00A, 69L4537100A, CM69L4537100A, 6E0-45251-11A, 6E04525111A, CM6E04525111A, 6E5-45251-00A, 6E54525100A, CM6E54525100A, 6E5-45371-01A, 6E54537101A, CM6E54537101A, 6G5-45251-01A, 6G54525101A, CM6G54525101A, 6H1-45251-02A, 6H14525102A, CM6H14525102A, 6J9-45371-01A, 6J94537101A, CM6J94537101A, 6K1-45371-00A, 6K14537100A, CM6K14537100A, 6K1-45371-02A, 6K14537102A, CM6K14537102A, 6884525101A, CM6884525101A, 68V-11325-01A, 68V-11325-01, 6AW-45373-00, 6AW-45619-00, 6AW4561900, CM6AW4561900, 01112AL, 01124AK, 01145AL, 01104AL, 01103AL, 01135AL, 01100AL, 01115AL, 01105AL, 01110AL, 01156-1AL, 01154AL, 01155AL, SCRM1045SF, Yamaha Bolt