Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy

Yamaha Outboard Zinc Anodes

These Mil-Spec zinc anodes provide excellent corrosion protection for Yamaha outboards operating in salt water.

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Check out what asymmetric corrosion looks like on twin Yamaha 300's by click on the image on the right.Asymmetric Corrosion on Twin Yamaha 300's

Part Number Variations: 61A-45371-00, 61A4537100, CAM 61A4537100, 70-61A4537100, CAM-61A4537100, CM61A4537100Z, 61N-45251-01, 61N4525101, CM61N4525101Z, 664-45371-01, 6644537101, CM6644537101Z, 67C-45371-00, 67C4537100, CAM 67C4537100, 70-67C4537100, CAM-67C4537100, 67F-45371-00, 67F4537100, CAM 67F4537100, 70-67F4537100, CAM-67F4537100, 688-45251-01, 6884525101, CM6884525101Z, 688-45371-02, 6884537102, CAM 6884537102, 70-6884537102, CAM-6884537102, CM6884537102Z, 69L-45371-00, 69L4537100, CAM 69L4537100, 70-69L4537100, CAM-69L4537100, CM69L4537100Z, 6E0-45251-11, 6E04525111, CAM 6E04525111, 70-6E04525111, CAM-6E04525111, CM6E04525111Z, 6E5-45251-00, 6E54525100, 6E5-45251, 6E545251, CAM 6E545251, 70-6E545251, CAM-6E545251, CM6E54525100Z, 6E5-45371-01, 6E54537101, CAM 6E545251, 70-6E545251, CAM 6E54537101, 70-6E54537101, CAM-6E54537101, CM6E54537101Z, 6E5-45371-10, 6E54537110, CAM 6E54537110, 70-6E54537110, CAM-6E54537110, 6E8-45251-01, 6E84525101, CAM 6E84525101, 70-6E84525101, CAM-6E84525101, 6G5-45251-01, 6G54525101, 6G545251, CAM 6G545251, 70-6G545251, CAM-6G545251, CM6G54525101Z, 6H1-45251-02, 6H14525102, 6H1-45251-03, 6H14525103, CAM 6H145251, 70-6H145251, CAM 6H14525102, 70-6H14525102, CM6H14525102Z, 6J9-45371-01, 6J94537101, 6J945371, CAM 6J945371, 70-6J945371, CAM-6J945371, CM6J94537101Z, 6K1-45371-00, 6K14537100, 6K145371, CAM 6K14537100, 70-6K14537100, CAM-6K14537100, CM6K14537100Z, 6K1-45371-02, 6K14537102, CAM 6K14537102, 70-6K14537102, CAM-6K14537102, CM6K14537102Z, 6L5-45251-02, 6L54525102, CAM 6L54525102, 70-6L54525102, 67C-45251-00, 67C4525100, 70-67C4525100, CAM-67C4525100, CAM 6G1-45251-03, 70-6G1-45251-03, 6G14525103, 63D-45251-00, 63D4525100, 01131, 01651, SCRM1045SF, Yamaha Bolt