Commercial Propeller Nut Aluminum Anodes

  • For use in all types of water: salt, brackish and freshwater.
  • More active than zinc.
  • Self-cleaning performance.

Learn more:  Zinc vs. Aluminum Anodes
Part Number Variations: PNAA, CMPN13A, PNBA, CMPN14A, PN01A, CMPN01A, PN02A, CMPN02A, PN03A, CMPN03A, PN04A, CMPN04A, PN05A, CMPN05A, PN06A, CMPN06A, PN07A, CMPN07A, PN08A, CMPN08A, PN09A, CMPN09A, PN10A, CMPN10A, PN11A, CMPN11A, PN12A, CMPN12A

Prop Nut Anodes

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