Commercial Hull Bolt-On Magnesium Anodes

Our magnesium hull anodes conform to the requirements of Mil-Spec A-21412A (Ships). The anodes include a plastisol (polyvinyl chloride) coating which serves as a barrier shield against water flow erosion. Magnesium anodes are effective and economical corrosion fighters for protecting a variety of metal vessels and structures.

Fresh Water Use Only

Part Number Variations: MG-10, MG10, MG-10 Launch, MG-5, MG5, MG-5 Launch, MG-Jr, MGJR, MG-H-24, MGH24, MHC-6, MHC6, MZHC-23, MZHC23, ZHC-23MG, ZHC23MG

Hull Anodes - Bolt On

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