Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy

Zinc Rods

We carry a large inventory of zinc rods for immediate delivery. These rods meet the alloy composition of Mil-Spec A-18001 and ASTM B-418 Type 1, and feature a high quality smooth finish and solid fill. They contain no chill lines, trapped air pockets, or voids. They are excellent feed stock for automated turning centers.

Our 36-inch long zinc rods are normally shipped by UPS Ground, however we can ship zinc rods up to 12 inches long via USPS Priority Mail.

Custom lengths are available from 1 to 72 inches, and other diameters are available by special order. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Part Number Variations: Zinc Rod, ZR, ZRN, 5342 00-813-6053, 5342 01-356-6381, 5342 00-813-6054, 5342 00-813-6055, 5342 00-796-4354, 5342 00-664-0531, 5342 00-576-1749, 5342 00-813-6056, 5342-00-813-6053, 5342-01-356-6381, 5342-00-813-6054, 5342-00-813-6055, 5342-00-796-4354, 5342-00-664-0531, 5342-00-576-1749, 5342-00-813-6056, ZR-1, ZR-2, ZR-3, ZR-4, ZR-5, ZR-6, ZR-7, CMR0512Z, CMR062512Z, CMR07512Z, CMR1524Z, CMR224Z, CMR324Z, CMR062539Z, CMR0536Z, CMR07539Z, CMR087539Z, CMR139Z, CMR12539Z

Zinc Rods