Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy

Commercial Heat Exchanger Zinc Anodes

  • Used for the protection of commercial heat exchangers and underwater metals where space is a limiting factor.
  • Style A anodes are square, while Style B anodes are in a circular configuration.
  • Both styles have steel inserts cast in.
  • The inserts project out approximately 1/8" inch on each side and have a hole for mounting bolts and studs.
  • Specify either 1/2" or 3/8" diameter mounting bolt.
  • Volume purchase discounts are available.

Part Number Variations: H1B6, ZEP, ZEP-6A, H2B2, H2B2-1/2, ZEP-2, ZEP2, ZEP-2B, H2B3, H2B3-1/2, ZEP-3, ZEP3, ZEP-3B, H2B4, H2B4-1/2, ZEP-4, ZEP4, ZEP-4B, H2B5, H2B5-1/2, ZEP-5, ZEP5, ZEP-5B, H2B6, H2B6-1/2, ZEP-6, ZEP6, ZEP-6B, H2B9, H2B9-1/2, ZEP-9, ZEP9, H2B11, H2B11-1/2, ZEP-11, ZEP11, 5342-00-543-3032, 5342-00-527-2368, 5342-00-582-2012, 5342-00-582-2011, 5342-00-527-2366, 5342-00-702-1371, 5342-00-702-1372, 5342-00-702-1664

Heat Exchanger