Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy


No more unthreading and breaking of the pencil zinc from its brass plug.

Eliminates stuck pencil anodes to reduce service time. 

With traditional threaded pencil zincs, more often than not, the zinc rod gets stuck in its marine engine cooler.  This happens for two reasons.  First, the swollen rod is stuck to the cooler wall and when the plug is removed it un-threads from the rod, leaving it behind.  Second, the threads of the rod are often fused to the plug due to corrosion.  Torque applied to remove the plug is directly applied to a weakened zinc rod causing it to break.  In either case, the rod is left behind often stuck inside the engine.  Stuck rods are time consuming to deal with, converting an easy maintenance job into a frustrating project.

PRO™ Engine Anodes makes replacing them an easy, self-contained job.  A patented design replaces the traditional threaded connection between the rod and the plug with a retaining ring that secures the parts' assembly, yet permits full 360° rotation between the rod and the plug.  This freedom transforms the brass plug into an anode puller that eliminates torsional forces that cause breakage.  As the plug is unthreaded from the engine, the anode Pulls Right Out.

US Patent #11708638

Complete - PRO Style