Propeller Nut Aluminum Anodes

Propeller Nut Anodes made of Mil-Spec Aluminum Alloy.

    • More active than zinc.
    • Self-cleaning performance.
    • For use in all types of water:  Salt, Brackish and Fresh water.
    • Highly recommended as an alternative to zinc anodes in brackish and fresh water.

Part Number Variations: CMPNAA, 628309118136, CMPNAB, 628309118143, CMPNAC, 628309118150, CMPNAD, 628309118167, CMPNAE, 628309115326, CMPNAF, 628309118174, CMPNAG, 628309122164, CMPNAH, 628309122171, CMPNAA, CMPNBA, CMPNCA, CMPNDA, CMPNEA, CMPNFA, CMPNGA, CMPNHA, PropNut-A-Aluminum, PropNut-B-Aluminum, PropNut-C-Aluminum, PropNut-D-Aluminum, PropNut-E-Aluminum, PropNut-F-Aluminum, PropNut-G-Aluminum, PropNut-H-Aluminum, PropNutAAluminum, PropNutBAluminum, PropNutCAluminum, PropNutDAluminum, PropNutEAluminum, PropNutFAluminum, PropNutGAluminum, PropNutHAluminum

Prop Nut Anodes