Commercial Bolt-On Aluminum Anodes

A full-range of bolt-on aluminum anodes for small to large commercial vessels and underwater metal structures.

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Part Number Variations: AHC-10, AHC10, AHC-20, AHC20, AZHC-23, AZHC23, AZ01, CMZ01SA, CMZ01BSA, AZ1, AZ-01, AZHC-47, AZHC47, CMZHC47A, CMZHC42A, AZHC-42, AZHC42, AP5B2, CMP5B2BA, CMP5B2BSA, CMP5B2SA, AP7B2, CMP7B2BA, CMP7B2BSA, CMP7B2SA, AZHC-50, AZHC50, AZHS-12, AZHC12, AZ03B, AZ-03B, CMZ03BA, AZ15B, AZ-15B, CMZ15BA, AZD72BM, AZD-72BM, CMZD72BMA, AZD72B, AZD-72B, CMZD72BA, ATS-2, ATS2, CMZTSA, AZ12, AZ-12, CMZ12A, CMZ12SA, CMZ12AA, AZ13, AZ-13, CMZ13A, CMZ13SA, CMZ13AA, AZ14, AZ-14, CMZ14A, CMZ14SA, CMZ14AA

Hull Anodes - Bolt On

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