Hamilton Jet Drive Aluminum Anodes

Hamilton Jet Anodes made of Mil-Spec Aluminum Alloy.

  • More active than zinc
  • Self-cleaning performance
For use in all types of water:  Salt, Brackish and Fresh.  A highly recommended alternative to zinc anodes.

Part Number Variations: 203131, HJ-203131, HJ203131, HJ-112657AL, 112657AL, HJ112657AL, HJ-112657A, 112657A, HJ112657A, HJ-111644AL, 111644AL, HJ111644AL, HJ-111644A, 111644A, HJ111644A, HJ-111593AL, 111593AL, HJ111593AL, HJ-111593A, 111593A, HJ111593A, HJ-203133, 203133, HJ203133, 203132, HJ-111059AL, 111059AL, HJ111059AL, HJ-111059A, 111059A, HJ111059A, HJ-203130, 203130, HJ203130, HJ-108582AL, 108582AL, HJ108582AL, HJ-108582A, 108582A, HJ108582A, HJ-105447AL, 105447AL, HJ105447AL, HJ-105447A, 105447A, HJ105447A, HJ-104634AL, 104634AL, HJ104634AL, HJ-104634A, 104634A, HJ104634A, HJ-103359AL, 103359AL, HJ103359AL, HJ-103359A, 103359A, HJ103359A, HJ-203124, 203124, HJ203124, HJ-102185AL, 102185AL, HJ102185AL, HJ-102185A, 102185A, HJ102185A, HJ-203123, 203123, HJ203123, 203127, HJ203127, HJ-203127, 107890AL, HJ107890AL, HJ-107890AL, 02523AL, 02524AL, 02525-1AL, 02525/1AL, 02527AL, 203133, 203132, 203131, 203130, 203127, 203126, 203125, 203124, 203123, 203122, 203121, 212094, 212094AL, HJ212094AL, HJ212094, HJ-212094, HJ-212094AL, 203396

Hamilton Jet