Commercial Weld-On Aluminum Anodes

A full-range of aluminum weld-on anodes for small to large commercial vessels and underwater metal structures. Better protection and longer life than zinc!

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Part Number Variations: AZHS-23, AZHS23, AZ02, AZ-02, Z02SA, CMZ02SA, CMZ02AA, AZHS-47, AZHS-42, AZHS47, AZHS42, CMZHS47SA, AZ-22, AZ22, Z22SA, CMZ22SA, AZSS-12, AZSS12, AZ3, AZ-3, AZ03, Z03SA, Z03AA, CMZ03SA, AZ3A, AZ-3A, AZ03A, Z03AA, CMZ03AA, AZ4, AZ-4, AZ-4A, AZ4A, AZ04, AZ-04A, CMZ04SA, CMZ04AA, AZ6, AZ-6, AZ-6A, AZ6A, AZ06, AZ-06A, CMZ06SA, CMZ06AA, AZ-19, AZ19, Z19SA, CMZ19SA, CMZ19AA, AZ26, AZ-26, Z26SA, CMZ26SA, CMZ26AA, AMA2204, CMMA2204A, CMMA2204SA, AZHS-50, AZHS50, AMA2244, CMMA2244A, CMMA2244SA, AMA3305, CMMA3305A, CMMA3305SA, AMA3365, CMMA3365A, CMMA3365SA, AMA4545, CMMA4545A, CMMA4545SA, AZTS, CMZTSSA, AA-1-10H, AA-1-20H, AA-1-23H, AA-1-29H, AA110H, AA120H, AA123H, AA129H, AA-1-10, AA-1-20, AA-1-23, AA-1-29

Hull Anodes - Weld On

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