Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy

Commercial Weld-On Zinc Anodes

A full-range of zinc weld-on anodes for small to large commercial vessels and underwater metal structures.

Available with either steel or aluminum inserts cast in. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Part Number Variations: ZHS-23, ZHS23, Z02, Z-02, Z02SZ, CMZ02SZ, CMZ02AZ, ZHS-47, ZHS-42, ZHS47, ZHS42, CMZHS47SZ, Z-22, Z22, Z22SZ, CMZ22SZ, ZSS-12, ZSS12, Z3, Z-3, Z03, Z03SZ, CMZ03SZ, Z3A, Z-3A, Z03A, Z03AZ, CMZ03AZ, ZSS-12A, ZSS12A, Z4, Z-4, Z-4A, Z4A, Z04, Z-04A, CMZ04SZ, CMZ04AZ, Z6, Z-6, Z-6A, Z6A, Z06, Z-06A, CMZ06SZ, CMZ06AZ, Z-19, Z19, Z19SZ, CMZ19SZ, CMZ19AZ, Z26, Z-26, Z26SZ, CMZ26SZ, CMZ26AZ, LL-26, LL26, ZMA2204, CMMA2204, CMMA2204SZ, ZHS-50, ZHS50, ZMA2244, CMMA2244, CMMA2244SZ, ZMA3305, CMMA3305, CMMA3305SZ, ZMA3365, CMMA3365, CMMA3365SZ, ZMA4545, CMMA4545, CMMA4545SZ, ZTS, CMZTSSZ, GA-12, GA-24, TD-6, LL-48, LL48, L-48, L48, L-26, L26, GA-48, GA48, GA-26, GA26, ZHS-26, ZHS-T-23, ZHS-23T, W-48Z, W-26Z

Hull Anodes - Weld On