Beneteau Propeller Aluminum Anodes

Mil-Spec Aluminum anodes for Beneteau 3-blade fixed propellers.

  • More active than zinc.
  • Self-cleaning performance.
  • For use in all types of water:  Salt, Brackish and Freshwater.
  • A recommended alternative to the zinc anode version.

Part Number Variations: CMAN225A, 628309191689, CMAN230A, 628309191696, CMAN235A, 628309191702, 628309191719, AN225-AL, AN225AL, AN230-AL, AN230AL, AN235-AL, AN235AL, 00400AL, 00410AL, 00401AL, 00410AL, 00402AL, 00412AL, BPN-25-ALU, BPN-30-ALU, BPN-35-ALU