Spurs Line Cutter Aluminum Anodes

Spurs Line Cutter anodes made of Mil-Spec Aluminum Alloy.

  • Active corrosion protection.
  • Superb self-cleaning performance.
  • Will not passivate in salt, brackish or freshwater.
Highly recommended for vessels with Spurs line cutters that that operate in salt, brackish or freshwater. Part Number Variations: CMLCAA, CMLCBA, CMLCCDEA, CMLCF1A, CMCLCF2A, F2F3-AL, F2-F3-AL, F2F3A, F2F3AL, TEC-SPURS-F2F3AL, TEC-SP-F2F3AL, CMLCF2F3A

Spurs Line Cutters