HangTuff™ Hanging Magnesium Anode
With Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Plier Clamp

HangTuff Hanging Magnesium Anode is two pound magnesium hanging anode that uses a crimped fitting to attach the 15 ft. vinyl coated galvanized steel cable for grounding.  The anode features magnesium alloy with a galvanic voltage of -1.50v to offer the highest level of corrosion protection in fresh water.  Simply attach to the vessel’s DC ground or metal hull and hang overboard.  It’s a very effective solution for corrosion protection of freshwater vessels, especially those with aluminum hulls, pontoons or outdrives.  Highly recommended for vessels that are docked in fresh water only.


Fresh Water Use Only

Part Number Variations: CMGROUPERM, 194-CMGROUPERM, GROUPER-magnesium, Guppy, Fish, mermaid, hang tuff, Hangtuff, HangTuff-Magn

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