Hull Magnesium Anodes – Bolt-On

Hull anodes made of Mil-Spec Magnesium Alloy.

  • Highly active corrosion protection.
  • Superb self-cleaning performance.
  • Will not passivate in fresh water.
Highly recommended for vessels that operate in fresh water only.

Fresh Water Use Only

Part Number Variations: DP-612M, DP612M, CMDIVERM, 194-CMDIVERM, CMDIVERMINIM, 194-CMDIVERMINIM, ZC406M, ZC406MG, CMMZC406M, Z-404M, Z404M, Z-404MG, Z404MG, CMMZ404M, TEC-Z-404MG, T-20M, T20M, CMT20M, 194-CMT20M, CM24M, M-24M, M24M, M-24MG, M24MG, CMM24M, TEC-24MG, M-25M, M25M, M-25MG, M25MG, CMM25M, TEC-25MG, M-30M, M30M, M-30MG, M30MG, CMM30M, TEC-30MG, M-40M, M40M, M-40MG, M40MG, CMM40M, TEC-40MG, MG-JR, MGJR, CMMGJRGM, MG-5, MG5, MG5-Launch, CMMG5GM, MG-10, MG10, MG5-Launch, CMMG10GM, MG-H-24, CMMG24GM, N-1M, N1M, Nautilus, 70-N1M, CMN1Z, TEC-N1MG, CMN1M, Vetus-15-MG, Vetus-15MG, Vetus15MG, VT-15MG, VT15MG, MGU15C, MGU15, 00220MG, SGVT070A, AMD-V-15, AMD-V15

Bolt On