Mil Spec A-18001 Zinc Alloy

Rudder & Trim Tab Zinc Anodes – Two-Piece

  • Two-piece, pancake-style zinc anode for rudders and trim tabs.
  • A stainless steel nut is pressed into one piece.
  • A stainless steel socket cap screw (allen head) connects the two halves together.

Part Number Variations: R-1, R1, CMR01, CMR01Z, CMR-1, R-2, R2, CMR02, CMR02Z, R-3, R3, CMR03, CMR-3, CMR03Z, R-4, R4, CMR04, CMR04Z, R-5, R5, CMR05, CMR05Z, R-7, R7, CMR07, CMR07Z, CMR1, CMR2, CMR3, CMR4, CMR5, CMR7, BNT-1, T-20, T20, 70-T20, CMT20, CMT20Z, TEC-20, T-21, T21, 70-T21, CMT21, CMT21Z, TEC-21, M-24, A-24, 70-A24, CMM24, CMM24Z, TEC-24, No. 15, #15, CAM-15, CAM 15, 70-15, Vetus-15, Vetus15, VT-15, VT15, VT-8, VT8, ZINK15C, 00220, 005090190, H2B4, H2B4-3/8, H2B4-BL, ZEP-4, ZEP4, ZD-56, ZD56, CMZD56Z, CMZD56, MGDZD565GZ, MGDZD56, 00102UK, RP-4, RP4