Hull Aluminum Anodes – Bolt-On

  • More active than zinc
  • Self-cleaning performance
For use in all types of water:  salt, brackish and freshwater.  Highly recommended alternative to zinc anodes.

Part Number Variations: AZC-406, AZC406, AZ-406, AZ406, CMMZC406A, CMZC406A, MDZC406A, DP-612A, DP612A, DD-612A, DD612A, CMDIVERA, AZHC-4, AZHC4, CMDIVERMINIA, AZHC-23, AZHC23, AZ-1, AZ1, CMZ01BSA, AZHC-2, AZHC2, CMZHC2AA, CMZHC2A, AZ-26, AZ26, CMZ26SA, AZHC-3, AZHC3, CMZHC3AA, CMZHC3A, AZHC-3H, AZHC3H, AZHC-5, AZHC5, CMZHC5AA, AZHC-5S, AZHC5S, AZ03BS, AZ03B, AZ-03B, AZHC-11, AZHC11, CMZ03BSA, AZHC-15, AZHC15, AN-1, AN1, N-1A, N1A, CMN1A, AZ-404, AZ404, CMZ404A, CMMZ404A, M-25A, M25A, CMM25A, M-30A, M30A, CMM30A, A-40A, A40A, M-40A, M40A, CMM40A, T-21A, T21A, CMT21A, T-20A, T20A, CMT20A, AZTS-6, AZTS6, AZTS-5, AZTS5, CMZTSA, AZ24B, AZ24, AZ-24B, CMZ24BA, CMZ24BSA, 40005875, Marinette, CMP0251536A, CMP0251572A, AZTS, AZHC-47, AZHC47, CMZHC47A, CMZHC42A, AHC-20, AHC20, 628309125813, 43396A, 43396AL, CM43396A, 00805AL, RP-5AL, RP5A, 00140AL, Azimut-125-AL, 8059617810146, Azimut-140-Streamlined-AL, CMF140A, 628309210304, 00105AL, 8058774835597, CMF125A, 628309192624, 00104AL, 8058774835580, Azimut-125-Streamlined-AL, CMH06A, 628309128579, 00152AL, 8059617810214, Azimut-135-AL

Bolt On