Corrosion Quiz: Questions

1) Which voltage reading comes from a vessel's bonding system that's protecting its underwater metals from seawater corrosion?

A)    0 mV
B)  -405 mV
C)  -536 mV
D)  -908 mV
E)  -1420 mV

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2) The zincs on a boat are lasting only two months.  With a new set of zincs installed, the hull potential is -986mV.  When the radar unit is turned on it reads -761mV.  What is the problem?

A)  Radar is set to wrong range.
B)  House battery is weak.
C)  Galvanic isolator has failed.
D)  Hull zinc is too small.
E)  Radar unit is miss-wired.

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3) With a Corrosion Reference Electrode, what test(s) can I perform on my boat?

A) Measure the vessel’s Hull Potential.
B) Verify the vessel’s Bonding System.
C) Check the vessel’s Galvanic Isolation.
D) Pinpoint sources of Electrical Leakage.
E) All of the above.

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